Senator McCain Calls For Independent Investigation On Russia Saying Congress Has “Lost All Credibility” (Video)

The US political world was rocked several times today. It began by Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes “going rogue” from his committee members and running down to the White House to tell Donald Trump that his staff and possibly the President himself have been “swept up” in intelligence communications. The move shocked fellow committee members including his counterpart, ranking member Adam Schiff. Schiff made waves of his own when he announced that he had evidence now that was “not circumstantial” (in other words, direct evidence, by default) concerning the President and his campaign team /administration.

John McCain, the famous Senator from Arizona then went on Greta Van Susteren’s program on MSNBC and declared that “Congress had no credibility” anymore and that he was now calling for a select committee to look into the matter of Russian involvement in the 2016 election and any involvement /collusion by Trump and any of his teams before, during and after the election. McCain also said that he would approve of a commission vs. a committee — the difference being it made up of current lawmakers (equally agreed on by the House and Senate by both parties) or former lawmakers and respected individuals with expertise in this area.

Van Susteren expressed her disappointment in the fact that these lawmakers on the Intelligence Committee (in the House of Representatives) were sent to Washington and put on the committee by their peers to be entrusted with things such as this — and they are failing miserably. McCain agreed with that sentiment. He did add that on the Senate side, Senators Warner and Burr appear to be getting along better than their House counterparts but the fact remains that the American people have lost all faith in their ability to do a non-partisan job and that either appointing a select committee or a commission appeared to be the only remedy at this point. McCain emphasized that he didn’t arrive at this decision lightly as he seemed saddened by the recent events.

Check out McCain’s declaration in the interview below. Also included (at the beginning) is Adam Schiff’s newsmaking of saying that he has direct evidence of Camp Trump collusion with the Russians.

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