WATCH: Roland Martin Takes On White Supremacist Who Led Hail Trump Salute (VIDEO)

There wasn't anything "alt-right" about Richard Spencer's toxic message, just all wrong.

The media furor over president elect Donald J.Trump’s selection of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist seemed to have subsided. The heightened commentary that ensued the stunning footage of white supremacists hailing Trump’s victory with Nazi salutes  in the atrium of the Ronald Reagan building in Washington last Saturday, also seemed to have quieted. But many Americans remain alarmed at the reality of someone like Bannon– who ran a website that was a haven for people like those who gathered to beat their “superior” chest–now having the ear of the most powerful person in this nation and beyond.

One such concerned citizen is journalist Roland Martin, host of News One Now which airs on TVOne  7 a.m. weekdays. Martin sat down with Richard Spencer, the head of that band of “white nationalists” we saw in Washington and wasted no time knocking the over-confident smirk from preppy Spencer’s face. And for someone who prided himself on being knowledgeable, Spencer was quite ignorant on America’s history.

After playing semantics with the Nazi salutes he and his kind displayed at that meeting a few miles from the White House, he continued to dodge facts thrown at him by the host. The mental chess match he thought he was winning, quickly disintegrated into checkers on his end. Spencer claimed he was not a racist or a white supremacist, while simultaneously expounding on how whites were superior. He blatantly ignored facts throughout the interview, spewing absurdities in rapid succession. There wasn’t anything “alt-right” about his toxic message, just all wrong.

Like Silicon Valley being unfairly influenced by affirmative action. Spencer thinks the tech community is keeping white men like himself out in the cold. The opposite is true; there is a “black out” in Silicon Valley, where like most of corporate America, white men dominate in positions of power. There are so few blacks partaking of the innovation and wealth there, that this lack of diversity is usually referred to as the 2 percent problem.

 Martin had to also school him on Affirmative Action, for in the bubble where this man resides, all the blacks are benefiting on easy street because of it and white men are being discriminated against. This incredulous belief defies logic, for even though White men make up 30 percent of the population, they make up a reported 70 percent of America’s boardrooms. Moreover, Of the country’s Fortune 250, only seven CEOs are minorities and of the thousands of publicly traded companies, only two are chaired by black women.
On America being great because of whites only, Spencer went even crazier with his rhetoric. He says whites do not need any other race to help make this country successful and that they did it all by themselves. I guess he missed basic history classes or avoided books that documented the massive wealth accumulated from slavery. Over 300 years of an abhorrent system where Africans toiled and died providing free labor for America’s cotton plantations.

Check out the interview in video below.


Interestingly, Spencer may be a hypocrite, for those claims of white supremacy does not hold up under scrutiny of his dating history. To his clan of “we are superior to every other group on earth,” he portrays himself as exclusively pro white, when in fact he dated an Asian woman back in college. He hates when this tit-bit gets out though. While the presidential election was heating up, he was interviewed by Rolling Stone. During that October sit-down, Spence was thrown when the interviewer brought up his Asian girlfriend. After composing himself, he tried to justify straying from his Arian gene pool by saying well, Hitler thought Asians to be sort of superior too. He was also very excited about a Trump win, which he said would position them in the halls of ultimate power to usher in his “white ethno-state.”

He got his wish—his man won and with Brietbart’s former front man Bannon as Trump’s right hand man—well, Spence and his kind have a lot to celebrate and they couldn’t help put show that exuberance in Washington. And make no mistake, though they like to hide behind the sanitized ambivalence of the “alt-right” banner, these racists feel emboldened under a president Trump to display their real agenda.





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