Mark Cuban Says What A Weary Nation Is Thinking To The Tweeter In Chief

marc cuban
Cuban's distaste for Trump is somewhat legendary

Mark Cuban’s feelings about Trump have never been hard to determine, Cuban’s distaste for Trump is pretty legendary, actually. It comes as no shock that on Monday, Cuban pleaded with Trump to basically chill out, stop tweeting and read a book.

America agrees, Mr. Cuban. Any book.


“Instead of getting on his phone and tweeting, just read a book,” said Cuban during an interview with  CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.” He summed it up, “you know, just chill.” Cuban acknowledged that just saying so about our president is “crazy,” but this is the point to which Trump has brought our country.

Can we imagine a world where the “Tweeter in Chief” wasn’t trying to provoke North Korea’s youthful mad-man into a war? One where the literal figurehead of the nation doesn’t attempt to squash constitutional rights from his bully pulpit? Can we honestly handle the possibility of not dreading opening social media because of the attacks and vitriol flowing from the top?

The answer is a resounding yes, of course. #DeleteYourAccount wasn’t created by a country happy with their leader’s activities.

Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks, an NBA team and among those owners that Trump attacked when he called non-violent protesters “sons of bitches.” (Likely, much to Trump’s annoyance, since he failed to close the deal on his bid to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014 and hates anything he can’t have – in this case owning a professional team.)

Earlier this week, Cuban had commented that if you really want to keep “politics and sports separate” politicians shouldn’t take donations from players, management, or owners:

And, according to Yahoo news, he also exhorted Trump to “take the blowback,” caused when he attacks America’s athletes for daring to actually act like Americans and exercise their rights to protest and free speech:

It seems to be absolutely crazy, as Cuban acknowledged, that we have to tell Trump to “take it” when he can “dish it.” To ask him to stop tweeting like an angry teenager and with as much understanding about what is more important, the flag or our Constitutional rights. But, here we are: standing in utter morbid fascination as not only are we called to defend our Constitution to the President of the United States, we have to ask him to stop tweeting mean, outlandish, bullying things to the American people.

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Article updated to correct the spelling of Mark Cuban’s name. 

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