Another Man Shot In Same Neighborhood As Michael Brown — Locals Claim He Was Unarmed (Video)

On August 9th, 2014, Michael Brown was gunned down by police in the Canfield Green Apartments in Ferguson, Missouri. Today, history repeated itself in the same neighborhood as an unidentified black man was allegedly shot by a security guard at around 7 pm this evening. There are conflicting stories about the cause of the shooting. The police say, according to a local report;

Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss said a dog was running around the apartment complex chasing kids at around 7 p.m. A man on the property attempted to get the dog to move away from the children by using a stick when the owner of the dog reportedly then showed up and pointed a gun at the man with the stick.

Moss said a nearby security guard witnessed the scene unfold and drew his weapon towards the man with the gun. The security guard told the man to put down his weapon several times, but the man refused. The security guard then fired an unknown number of shots at the suspect.

Police arrived on scene and transported the suspect to an area hospital. No word was given on his condition, but officials expect the man to recover.

However, in the video below, witnesses allege and the video seemingly shows some things that greatly disagree with the police report. Near the beginning of the video, one person is heard saying that they “shot him for no reason” pointing at the security guard. Later in the video, a female is heard (2:40 in) saying the guard was one who was always “fucking with us” and he’s always videotaping them — and others agree with that assessment.

One person (seemingly the person shooting the video) yells (1:15 in) “they need to burn this motherfucker down, man!!!” Referring to the apartments, apparently. Many people, assumedly mostly residents of the apartments can be seen and heard asking questions and raising voices of protest throughout the clip. Eventually. the police push all the onlookers over to the next parking lot and “police tape” a very large area around the shot man. One officer says the whole area is now the “crime scene.”

At one point, the person filming the video gets close to the victim. Although all the angles are not ideal, there seems to be no gun next to the man.

At 8:50 into the video, a man claiming to be a witness comments that the guard should be locked up. When he sees that he hasn’t been, he refuses to talk to police. He comments and others can be heard commenting that they did not believe he had a gun. The officer argues with the man until he walks away. Others identify the witness as “Nicholas Brown.” The officer chases him down and attempts to extract more information from him.

Then another man is seen yelling at the officer telling him how bad the situation is. Many of the residents reflect his sentiments.

Nicholas Brown is later seen saying the guard had two pistols drawn.

As of this writing, the security guard has not been identified or arrested.

Check out the eyewitness clip (cellphone quality) below;

One difference between the Michael Brown case and this one will be if this man does recover, he will be able to tell his own story and version of events. Something Michael Brown never got the opportunity to do.


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