America To Trump — Jobs And Infrastructure, Yes! Military Build-Up, No!

Americans want infrastructure not military spending

With a raw outline of his new budget proposal revealed with some questionable cuts to spending, however, a new poll reveals that many Americans want to see Donald Trump deliver on his campaign promise for increased spending on infrastructure.

Most, however, are unimpressed with his plans to increase military spending or waste money on a wall along the Mexican border.

A CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday surveyed 1,024 U.S. adults by telephone (both landline and cell phone), and found that Americans aren’t on board with some of the White House Resident’s line items.

An overwhelming majority — 79 percent — want Trump to deliver on his promise to increase infrastructure spending, with only 18 percent disapproving.

The Washington Post reports that Trump’s $1 trillion plan to invest in infrastructure is haunted by understaffing and serious concerns about how it will be funded.

One of the biggest obstacles Trump will face on the program will come from his own party, since Republicans are so keen to cut government spending. Congressional Republicans are currently too focused on their failed attempts to repeal Obamacare, cutting taxes for the rich, and lining up ways to cheat Americans out of their paid-for Social Security and Medicare without a full-scale rebellion from the AARP contingency to focus on our crumbling infrastructure. And according to Axios, congressional Republicans are planning to kick the can down the road, anyway.

Recently, Bloomberg reported on resistance to Trump’s infrastructure plans by a conservative group, Freedom Partners, funded by the Koch brothers, who called it a “spending boondoggle.”

Americans aren’t particularly keen, however, on Trump’s plans to increase military spending.

The CNN/ORC survey shows that the majority of those polled — 58 percent — disagreed with Trump’s proposal to increase military spending by 10 percent by cutting funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and other non-defense agencies. Only 41 percent approve of the measure.

Trump’s plan for a wall on the Mexican border isn’t receiving as much support as his campaign seemed to indicate, either. An even larger majority – 61 percent — disapprove of funding for construction of the wall.

And as much as Republican stalwarts would have us believe that Americans are fed up with a big federal budget and big-government spending, the majority of them — 57 percent — say that economic growth has to be a priority, regardless of the federal deficit.

Most are also skeptical of Trump’s promises to do anything for middle-class Americans, with 54 percent saying that his proposed budget will do more to help the rich than the average income earner.

Collected between March 1 and 4, the poll also found that 84 percent of those surveyed approve of plans to reduce taxes for the middle class, and 54 percent approved of plans to reduce taxes paid by American business.

It’s highly ironic that the one tangible aspect of Trump’s agenda that would actually create jobs and improve quality of life is likely to be stalled and stymied by his own party in Congress. After eight years of Republican obstruction in the House and Senate under Obama, perhaps it has just become a bad habit.

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