Bill Maher: Enough T.V. Superheroes, It’s Time For Us To Be Our Own Heroes (Video)

Bill Maher began his New Rules segment tonight by badmouthing Hollywood (who says liberals don’t criticize Hollywood?). He pointed out the long, long list of shows based on superheroes on T.V. He then went into an equally long list of superhero movies. Indeed, whether you follow the Marvel, D.C. or some newly created “universe” there are literally dozens of choices for you to view. Maher suggested that if this is the vase, the main trade publication for the industry shouldn’t be called “Variety.”

In addition to the monotony, Maher worries that the over-saturation of comic book heroes has made us feel like we no longer matter. Like we should all just sit back and wait for some “hero” to come save us. Hard work, government institutions, investments, and diplomacy — none of that matters. Even worse, it has brought us one that is more dangerous than all of those television and movie superheroes combined. It brought us a man who talks like a superhero, with lines like “I alone can fix it!” — his name is “Orange Sphincter.” He never stops battling his arch nemesis, “Crooked Hillary” and her sidekick, “Private Server.”

Maher points out that this might be funnier if so many people didn’t believe in Orange Sphincter. He is a man who can learn everything there is to know about missiles in an hour and a half. A man who thinks learning all there is to know about health care is easy. And all those super deal-making powers and a super brain that can solve in minutes what man has struggled with for decades.

Of course, Orange Sphincter doesn’t need to play by the rules — as rules are the concern of “smaller men.”

How does the story end? What is the fate of Orange Sphincter? Maher points out that this is where it gets tricky because in this story the hero is the villain.

This is where we need to be the heroes, as Maher puts it.

And he’s right.

Check out his full commentary with many more laughs and points below:

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