Bill Maher Tears Apart ‘Party Of Personal Responsibility’ For Creating FrankenTrump (VIDEO)

Bill Maher slams Republicans for creating Donald Trump.

The GOP is trying to lay responsibility and blame for Donald Trump at the Democratic Party, and especially liberal’s feet. Bill Maher says ‘not on my watch.’ 

See video below …

The latest ‘theory’ out of some conservative, and not so conservative outlets is that liberals created Trump. Yes, you heard that right — liberals are responsible for Trump. As Bill Maher explains so brilliantly, that ‘theory’ is total nonsense.

The ‘theory’ goes like this … The conservatives and tea people were a bunch of really nice and reasonable people, but liberals were so politically correct that they had to run to Trump. They blame liberals for being smug, arrogant and worst of all ‘full of facts.’ Yes again, you heard that right — liberals are just too ‘full of facts’ and republicans resent that. As Bill Maher puts it;

‘Honey Boo Boo and the Duck Commander are Adam and Eve at the Olive Garden and they would vote ‘rationally’ if not for overbearing liberal scientists, historians and nutritionists ‘telling ‘real Americans’ that their dumb, it hurts their feelings when we insult their values with our facts.’ He continues with some real world examples including a quote from that states ‘Liberals are smug because we practice a politics defined by the command of correct facts.’ 

I know I sound like a broken record at this point when I say, ‘yeah, you heard that right.’ Conservatives are actually offended by liberals and their ‘facts.’ Maher goes on with other examples where right-wingers believe that it’s not really racism against Muslims and Mexicans, it’s reacting to progressive ‘political correctness.’ That they really can twist any problem into a ‘blame the liberals’ line.

Bill Maher begs the question, ‘how can I not insult you and tell the truth?’ A question many progressives find themselves asking these days. Conservatives want to deny climate change exists, racism exists and even that gay people exist, he explains … and all of them can be proven to exist, obviously.

He also points out that these ‘tea people’ were founded on the ‘lowering taxes’ mantra. President Obama lowered taxes for 95 percent of all Americans, yet 90 percent of them believe he RAISED them. Maher struggles at how to actually have an intelligent conversation these days when people simply are not living in the same ‘fact world.’

He also points out that yes, political correctness has ‘run amuck’ and points out he used to have a little show about that as well as bragging about pointing out on a regular basis times when Maher felt people were going too far with political correctness.

That didn’t cause Trump, though, bill Maher contends — and he’s right. Trump was created out of every ignorant and factually wrong sign at a rally. Every factually inaccurate rant on social media created Trump. In fact, it has been said by many, including me that Trump is a Facebook comment section running for President. His followers even brag about not knowing facts from fiction and constantly forgive their ‘king’ for every error he makes, which are early and often — fact wise.

Maher absolutely lays out the GOP for trying to even suggest that Trump is a creation of liberalism. He was created by liberals like a tornado blowing through a trailer park happened because Jesus was upset someone got ‘gay-married in New York City.’

Watch: Bill Maher slams the GOP for creating Donald Trump.

Check out Maher’s awesome ‘New Rules’ closer HERE:


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