Is Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Bump A Sign Of Something Bigger?

Fox News Bubble May Be About To Burst: Watch This Space

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is beating Fox News in the cable TV ratings wars. That’s a big deal, because Fox has had a stranglehold on the 9 PM prime-time spot for ages. Is it a temporary blip? Or has the election of Trump caused more Americans to ditch the foxy right-wing infomercial channel for real news?

The scoreboard from TVNewser gives Maddow the edge in the coveted 25-54 year-old demographic.

While other news outlets have flowed more flexibly with the news cycle, Maddow has made it a point to stay focused on the Trump-Russia connection. Her unique take on the scandal the Trump administration seems determined to hide, involves tying intriguing news report threads together like no other. On a nighty basis, it reads like page-turning spy novel.

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It could be that more viewers are tuning in to ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ for her in-depth reporting on a topic that Fox News either ignores or plays-down. But there have been big, political scandals before and Fox viewers have remained steadfast in their viewing. Why change now? What is it about the Trump White House that is causing the shift of viewers away from Fox?

There are a lot of reasons for people to change their TV viewing habits. However, this one somehow feels different. Americans woke up after the election of Trump. Millions have taken to the streets in protest, while others are baffled and outraged by the stream of lies coming out of this administration.

This could represent the beginnings of a sea-change in America. The era of Fox News dominance could be coming to an end. Propagating Trump’s lies and turning a blind eye to issues that really need fair and honest public debate is turning out to be a waste of time, at least for some former Fox viewers.

If Rachel Maddow’s ratings continue to climb, politics in America is looking at a seismic shift to the left. Watch this space.

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