Rachel Maddow Catches The Trump Admin. Basing Foreign Policy On Russian Fake News (Video)

The term “fake news” has become part of the American vernacular since the election. OF course, what is “fake news” often depends on where one sits on the political spectrum. Accusations and examples fly right and left with each side convinced it is only “the other side” engaging in such news forgery.  On the other hand, most Americans with half a brain can agree about the Russian brand of fake news that floats out there. Operations like Sputnik News and RT are literally modern extensions of the old Soviet propaganda machines.  In fact, here at American News X, I have specifically told our writers for years not to use outlets like RT and Sputnik as sources. They are not just unreliable, they are often downright fabricated.

Apparently, no one has shared this information with members of the Trump administration. Enter Rachel Maddow. No one can unpack a complex and tangled web like the MSNBC host.

To tell this story, Maddow began with talking about Russia’s relationship with Belarus.

She explains that Belarus is a small landlocked country that used to be part of the Soviet empire. When the cold war ended and the empire collapsed, Belarus, like many of the outlying Soviet satellites, declared their independence. Ever since then, Russia wants them back and at times acts like they never left. Maddow walks us through the various methods that Russia, especially since Vladamir Putin has taken over, has used to try to “persuade” the country to completely come back in the Russian fold. The methods aren’t friendly or cordial, they are threatening and intimidating. For example, when the US put sanctions on Russia, Putin declared that they would not import any food from western countries. They expected countries like The Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus to comply. When Belarus accepted food from western nations, Russia took that food and literally destroyed it on live TV. Why do that? Well, at the time, Russia wanted to build a military base on the border of Belarus. This was one of many ways to keep Belarus not only “in line” but weaken them in ways where Russia could then step in and “protect them.”

Weird, isn’t it?

This wasn’t the only method they used. They also put their propaganda machine to work. On Sputnik News, Russia floated a fake story about Poland wanting to invade Belarus. Such a story wouldn’t and wasn’t even noticed on our radar. This wasn’t the kind of story that would get shared widely on Facebook. This was stuff intended just for a specific audience. The audience was Belarus and the object was to make them feel like only Russia can protect them. Everyone else is trying to harm them.

Remember, this is all fake and made up stuff.

Maddow then takes us back home where something really weird is happening. According to reports, top senior advisors in the Trump administration are asking and inquiring about Polish incursions into Belarus. This despite the fact that there are no incursions by Poland into Belarus according to the host. The ONLY place one would get those ideas are from fake Russian news.

Things that make ya go hmmm …

Of course, some folks reaction might be to just laugh it off. Maddow contends that might not be wise. She floats the idea that such revelations might not be showing an ignorance among Trump aides in the National Security Council, but something more sinister and deliberate.

Time to unpack some more.

Maddow points out that aside from the weirdness of all this there are still huge questions that have not been answered about the Russian intervention into the 2016 election. While there seems to be little or no interest in the administration to investigate that further, they seem eager to chase after this fake story as a priority. Maddow asks if Russia has not only intervened in our election but that they may have a mole on the inside of the campaign/administration.

Maddow then reveals that behind the scenes and out of the headlines, some in Congress are inquiring about General Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, and the payments he took to sit alongside Putin last year at a Russian event. Payments that might be illegal. Add to that the recent revelation that Trump signed an executive order that put political operative Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. An order that reports are saying that Trump never read or was fully briefed on by his team.

Maddow suggests that if we tune out all the rhetoric and goofy statements that come out of the White House these days, and just pay attention to what they are doing, that perhaps all these seemingly awkward and misguided moves might not just be cluelessness and incompetence, but something more — something more sinister.

“There’s good reason for all this focused reporting right now on whether or not the Trump administration knows what it is doing. But sometimes, I think what (might) otherwise feel like random misfires by them or bizarre priorities from them, sometimes those things may not just be evidence of chaos and incompetence. Sometimes it’s worth tracking those things back to their origins to find out where they are coming from. And in this case, the national security playbook for this administration appears,  in part, to originate in another hemisphere. this is a very creepy development — this needs explaining.”

Check out Maddow’s incredible report below;

Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com




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