Rachel Maddow Buries Kellyanne Conway In A Mountain Of Facts Over Lies And Accountability (VIDEO)

Last night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow sat down for an extended live interview with Trump campaign manager and recently hired ‘counsel’ to the President-elect, Kellyanne Conway. This wasn’t the usual garden-variety interview. It wasn’t a superficial single segment interview. This was what interviews should be. After some initial ‘niceties’ the pair dove in and battled for several segments. Each one, Maddow was obviously well prepared, as she always is. In the last segment, however, Maddow went for the jugular and some might say she totally exposed Trump, Conway and the rest of their gang for the hypocrites they are.

The subject was ‘truth in media.’ Maddow began by talking about Martha Raddatz, the ABC news journalist who hosted one of the Presidential Debates in the fall. Trump has been going to his ‘victory rallies’ and outright lying about Raddatz and her reaction to his victory. Trump describes a tearful Raddatz, crying and wailing on and saying ‘no! tell me this isn’t true!’ and the like. The problem is, Raddatz never did any of that. the story is 100 percent fabrication — it is a lie. In fact, lies don’t get more blatant.

When presented with this, Conway tried to act like ‘all was well’ and they were handling things behind the scenes. According to Conway, no one owes Raddatz, who is universally recognized as one of the top people in her field, any kind of public apology. After Conway tried to spin her way out of this awkward position of saying that ‘yeah, we lied and no we don’t owe any apology’ Maddow wouldn’t let it go. Maddow was serious about getting to the bottom of things here.

Maddow: Are we going to get an apology for the President’elect? … He is telling a story that just isn’t true and telling it with great effect. and having people jeer her. Will he correct this? 

Conway: So, apologies like that are not made publicly. 

Maddow: But the accusation was made publicly. 

From there, for a few seconds, Conway was obviously stunned and didn’t know what to say. She then went on about ‘accusations being made by a number of people… yadda, yadda, yadda ….’ Other people are irrelevant here, it is about what trump has been saying. Not anyone else.

The fact is, Maddow was dead on correct. After Conway rambled for a bit, Maddow ended this part by definitively closing her case;

“He did say something about her publicly that isn’t true. And until he corrects it publicly the people who heard him say it will continue to believe an untrue thing about a woman who doesn’t deserve it.”

No reply from Conway.

So that’s how it is when Trump lies about others.

Maddow then brilliantly pivoted to another media matter. She brought up Trump transition team member Peter Theil, who literally, according to Maddow, sued a company out of business ‘because he didn’t like’ how he was being covered. She then connected that to Melania Trump who is using the same lawyer Theil used (and the same strategy, according to Maddow) to sue a blogger for 150 million dollars for allegedly making something up about her.

By the way, the statement in question was both retracted and apologized for. Publicly.

The Melania suit goes on, however.

Maddow also brought up the fact that ALL Presidents and their families feel that media treatment of them is unfair. The difference is that other families didn’t sue. Of course, trump is known for the thousands of lawsuits he has filed over everyone and everything that he has felt slighted by. Maddow pressed on asking Conway if this behavior would continue as they enter the White House. Conway had no good answers but seemed to suggest that Team Trump was as lawsuit happy as ever.

So, to review — Trump can lie and is not obligated to even apologize. If someone else lies, then Trump can sue — even if they apologize.

I would point out the hypocrisy here except I don’t want to state something so obvious that it would insult everyone’s intelligence. The facts are the facts. The behavior, as Maddow laid out, is 100 percent hypocritical.

At the end, Maddow commented that this interview would be watched by journalism students for years to come. Fortunately, you can check out the final takedown of this interview now. Check it out below;


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com

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