Donald Trump Is Terrifying And Sales For Luxury Doomsday Bunkers Are Booming (Photos)

How will the end of the world go down? While the rest of us cower in makeshift shelters, the super-rich will be living the high life their luxury doomsday bunkers.

How will the end of the world go down? While the rest of us cower in makeshift shelters, the super-rich will be living the high life their luxury doomsday bunkers.

Our nation abounds with doomsday preppers stockpiling food, weapons, and supplies in case of nuclear bombs, earthquakes, economic collapse, civil unrest, and other scary future disasters. Rupert Murdoch’s National Geographic channel has even created a reality show about them. Now the world’s jet setters are jumping on the survivalist bandwagon, and their luxury doomsday bunkers make even the most carefully crafted dugouts look like shabby 20th-century fallout shelters.

Rising S‘s Clyde Scott, a Texas entrepreneur whose company makes and installs highly secure dwellings, told NBC News sales have doubled since Donald Trump was elected.

“During the Obama administration our sales went up 250 percent. In the Trump administration in the past month our sales probably went up 500 percent.”

You don’t have to be as rich as Trump pretends to be to prepare for the Apocalypse. All you need is a plot of land and $39,500 for an 8×12 foot mini bunker. But the real money comes from building luxury doomsday bunkers, which sell for millions.

Even the most basic units come with everything you need. The mini bunker has a kitchen, appliances, plumbing, water hookups, electrical, air and water filtration, bunk beds, and ample food storage. The highest-end unit includes the above amenities, plus a fitness center, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, bowling alley, movie theater, green house with LED grow lights, and an automated irrigation system.

Isn’t it great that you can get your pool game on while waiting out the End Times?

Rising S Bunkers @RisingSBunkers. Anybody up for some pool?! This is our Luxury Game Room featured in our Luxury Underground Bunkers! #pool #luxurybunkers #gameroom

And as long as you’re stuck here, you might as well enjoy your fully equipped custom kitchen and dining room, complete with a bowl of fake fruit so you can someday tell your children what fruit used to look like.

Rising S Bunkers? @RisingSBunkers Enjoy a sneak peak into our Full Custom Kitchen, complete with stoves, double sinks and custom cabinets! #luxurybunkers #customkitchen

While waiting out the apocalypse, luxury doomsday bunkers give you the pampering you think you deserve.

But what if you don’t want to deal with maintenance, personally having to fend off zombies, and other hassles? Forbes reports the Oppidum offers a secluded estate tucked away in the mountains of Czechoslovakia for those who can afford it. Marketed as “the largest billionaire bunker in the world,” the 323,000 square foot property houses above ground estates with lavish underground shelters below. The entire complex is operated from an underground control center and military-grade security is provided.

The Oppidum started out in 1984 as a joint project with Czechoslovakia and the then-Soviet Union, towards the end of the Cold War. Since then, Czech real estate developer Jakub Zamrazil has transformed it into what Forbes calls “the ultimate life-assurance solution.” Here are a handful of screen captures from Forbesvideo‘ (shown below).

Click here to watch Forbes' video report on the Oppidum.

Or, if you prefer your Luxury doomsday bunkers closer to home, check out Survival Condo in Kansas. As with the Oppidum, an entrepreneur made clever use of a relic from the Cold War.

Developer Larry Hall’s Survival Condo in Kansas utilizes two abandoned Atlas missile silos built by the US Army Corps of Engineers to house warheads during the early 1960s.

Below the grim-looking entrance lies a community with all kinds of options ranging from a 900-square foot condo to a two-story, 3,600-square foot penthouse for $4.5 million. Residents can also socialize in the common areas, which include a pool, movie theater, bar, library, and even a general store. Thanks to an aquaculture room and hydroponic nursery, the super-rich can even enjoy fresh vegetables and fish as they while away the nuclear winter.

Click here to watch CNN's report on Survival Condo's luxury doomsday bunkers.

The units are even designed with windows that display custom video feeds so you don’t even feel like you’re underground. The price tag and fees also include disaster training and year-round access to your unit, in case you’d like to enjoy an occasional getaway.

The condos were sold out as of April, but Hall’s already working on a new project. If you can’t wait, you can try your luck with Vivos.

Billed as the “largest survival community on earth,” Vivos offers 575 private bunkers located on 9,000 acres in a former U.S. military ordnance depot in Black Hills, S.D. Vivos even offers space for not-rich people in well-appointed community shelters for just a one-time $35,000 charge per person.

Forbes adds that back in the day, thousands of workers and their families lived on this site, including famed journalist Tom Brokaw as a child.

The location has the advantage of being over a hundred miles from the nearest nuclear targets and having two wells that draw fresh water from a subterranean aquifer. According to Forbes, Vivos will have everything needed for a self-sufficient community.

Onsite amenities are planned to include, a General Store, a members-only Restaurant & Bar, BBQ areas, a Community Theater, Hot Tub Spa, Gym, Medical Clinic, Hydroponic Gardens, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms, a Chapel, Horse Stables, Shooting Ranges, Vivos Equipment and Construction Supply Depot, Woodworking Shop, Maintenance Shop, Metal Fabrication Shop, and a fully built-out showroom bunker to demonstrate how each can be outfitted and equipped.

Vivos’ Robert Vicino has also introduced a new community in the eastern part of Germany, which Forbes‘ Jim Dobson describes as “an invitation only, five-star, underground survival complex, similar to an underground cruise ship for the elite.”

While these clients value their privacy, Dobson was able to snap some stunning photos of their luxury doomsday bunkers, including two he posted on Twitter. The bedroom below features a giant fish tank, complete with a coral reef.

Photo of bedroom with wall-to-wall fish tank. Jim Dobson @TheLuxeWorld Apr 21 More Check out exclusive photos inside the Billionaire Doomsday Bunkers. How the wealthy are preparing for Nuclear attack
Luxury doomsday bunkers of the rich and famous. Photo by Jim Dobson via Twitter.

This room features a pool and you’d never even know it’s underground.

Photo of underground swimming pool. Jim Dobson on luxury doomsday bunkers...Billionaires Building Super Underground Bunkers To Escape @forbes
Luxury doomsday bunkers of the rich and famous. Photo by Jim Dobson via Twitter.

As we learned when former Vice President Dick Cheney kept hiding out in an “undisclosed location,” we also have secret bunkers all over the country so our government officials can duck and cover. Business Insider notes that only the most “critical personnel” would be admitted. In some cases, even their families wouldn’t be allowed in.

The above photos prove that when the end of the world arrives, there will be no survivors except for the rats, the cockroaches, the politicians, and the ultra-rich. And the cruel irony is that Donald Trump may start a war, but he won’t have to suffer the consequences.

Featured image: cc 2013 Engin Aykyurt via Pixabay.

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