Live In Florida? Hate Richard Spencer? Love Beer? Here’s The Deal!

By now everyone should know “alt-right” personality Richard Spencer (yes, we know he’s a Nazi but we’re trying to be politically correct), the man who cried on TV when he got punched in the face by a passer-by on the day of Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C.

The Alligator Brewing Co. of Gainesville, Florida, most certainly know who he is, and they’re not particularly pleased with him spreading hate in their hometown, so they came up with a brilliant idea to “steal away” his crowd. On Friday they posted this to their Facebook page:

“Here at Alligator we believe free speech is a cornerstone of our great nation. That said, speech that condones, let alone promotes racial supremecy [sic] has no home in America. And it sure as hell doesn’t have a home here in our beautiful town. We’re in no position to tell you whether or not you should show up to protest or completely boycott Richard Spencer’s UF appearance. But here’s what we can do.

Tickets for the event are free and available to the general public (with proof of ID) beginning Saturday at noon, so starting then, and all weekend long, for everyn two tickets you bring in, we’ll trade you for a free Alligator draft beer. Those tickets and reserved spots will be disposed of, leaving two more empty seats in the Philips Center. We unfortunately can’t stop him from bringing his hate to Gainesville, but we can empty the room so his disgusting message goes unheard.

This is our town. This is our community. And this [sic] how we’re going to shut. Him. Down.”

Unfortunately, the Spencer Machine caught wind of this “evil plot” and changed how the tickets are to be distributed, taking control of it. But, Alligator Brewing Co. added to their FB post that they would stand by their pledge to swap tickets for homebrewed beer.

Here at ANX, we love beer, especially home-brewed, and if we could combine that with Racist…err…Richard Spencer being humiliated just a tiny little bit, it would make our day, and thus we did some internet sleuthing and found out how Spencer et al. are going to distribute these tickets:

In a video on Twitter one of Spencer’s “handmen,” Cameron Padgett (who looks like a bad clone of Spencer himself) explains how to get tickets to Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville on Thursday, October 19th, at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Of course, first, he had to complain about the fact that they had to “take control” of the tickets themselves because “some bar promised beer in exchange for tickets,” and that anti-fascists and anti-racists were going to “sabotage the event.” (Really, complaining that anti-racists are against you? That’s not really a good thing, you know.)

Anyway, what you have to do to get a free ticket for either hate speech or beer is show up “somewhere outside the Phillips Center” on Thursday, October 19th (the day of the event) around 1-1:30 pm, and it will be “pretty obvious” where to get the tickets, and Mr. Padgett hopes that the police will be helpful in directing people to the area where the tickets are being given out.

So, if you’re in or near Gainesville, FL, tomorrow and have the time or opportunity to take a lunch break around that time, we urge you to go looking for a ticket. If you want to make it even more likely that they will hand you a ticket, why don’t you put on a white polo shirt and slick back your hair a little? Then, you’ll look like a bad clone of Spencer yourself! All you have to do, then, is follow all the other Spencer clones to the ticket place!

From what we can find out, there’s “only” around 1,700 tickets available, so even 100 non-used tickets will count and make empty seats visible, and you never know – Richard Spencer just might cry on TV again.

Watch the Richard Spencer clone talk about liberals, anti-fascists, anti-racists, social democrats, and tickets below:

Featured image via Twitter

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