‘We Need A Check And Balance Here’: GOP Senator’s Bill Turns Up The Heat On Donald Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham has just made it clear, the GOP knows that Trump is out of control, they rightly fear him abusing power, and it must be stopped.

Senator Lindsey Graham has just made it clear, the GOP knows that Trump is out of control, they rightly fear him abusing power, and it must be stopped. He didn’t say it in so many words, but when he announced that he is writing a bill to stop the president of the United States (any of them) from firing special counsels investigating them or their staff — it is obvious.

From the Hill

Graham said his bill, which he will introduce next week, will block a president from firing the special counsel without a federal judge’s approval if that counsel is investigating the president or his administration, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Graham said he was crafting the legislation because “we need a check and balance here” and that the bill will apply to Trump as well as all future presidents.

Lindsey Graham is also in the news today for saying that if Trump is to fire the AG Jeff Sessions, there will be “holy hell to pay,” according to CNN. It seems that the subtext here is blatantly obvious, they know that Trump will do anything to stop Robert Mueller from getting into his taxes, his connections, and his administration. It is hard to see that as anything other than fear that he will be discovered in some sort of wrong doing. Innocent people don’t often try to stop investigations into themselves by firing everyone doing the investigating.

It would have been unimaginable that we would need such a bill a short 6 months ago. Nixon did it, but no one in this country expected that we would even have a potentially bigger “crook” in the White House protesting their innocence. Now, we need to cut the power of the President down, because the man in the Oval Office can not be trusted. It is getting harder to imagine that we will never face another danger such at this one, seeing as Russia and other foreign powers have a vested interest in destabilizing our country and we know they meddled to get Trump elected, will meddle to achieve their goals, and probably will never stop meddling in our elections.

Lindsey Graham, and the country, now need to hope that there are enough honest Republicans left in Congress to pass his bill.

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