“YMCA” Rework Mocking “Trump’s USA” Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry (Video)

It seems that Americans aren’t the only one’s having fun with President Trump these days. Over in India, we have this gem of a performance (see video below) from the Singapore comedy group, E.I.C. during an episode of their show “EIC vs Bollywood.” This group takes the song “YMCA” made popular by the Village People and a song that is ingrained in most people’s memory if they were either alive in the 1970’s or have been to more than three weddings in their lives. It’s easy to see from the song’s opening bars that Indians are just as familiar with the tune as we are.

The song parodies some of the very same things that people recognize and criticize President trump about here in America. Apparently, Trump being President hasn’t exactly garnered the respect all over the world that Trump believes it has. The crowd reacts with cheers and laughter throughout the song. Perhaps the best thing about this song is that it is only a couple minutes long. they have their fun and then don’t drone on for 2 more verses and a guitar solo like many parodies do.

Check it out below (lyrics below video) and have a few laughs. It’s good for the soul;

If you have trouble viewing the above video, try this alternate link.

To the tune of YMCA by the Village People:

(Verse 1)

White men,  how it’s going down

All the Black men, we’ll shoot them into the ground

Mexicans, this is not your hometown

We’re gonna build a wall around the country

Barack, it’s time to clear your sh*t out

Hey Muslims, take the 1st flight out

Yo, Putin — You’re my BFF now

Together we can nuke any country.

Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!


That’s how it’s gonna be in Trump’s USA

I have successfully fucked USA-A

We have no gun control, so you men can enjoy

Just don’t make out with any boys

(Verse 2)

Hillary, you can suck my c*ck

I Didn’t mean that it’s just locker room talk

So ladies, don’t be too shocked

If I grab you by the pussy.

That’s how it’s gonna be in Trump’s USA!


Featured image via youtube.com

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