Laborer Plants Mexican Flag Atop Trump Tower (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been conquered not only in the Wisconsin primary, but by a Mexican-Canadian who scaled Trump Tower in Vancouver and planted the Mexican flag atop the building.

Construction worker Diego Saul Reyna, fed up with Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric including labeling them as rapists, and his plans to deport-the-illegals and build-a-wall between the U.S. and Mexico, took his complaint to the Trump Tower in Vancouver, British Columbia this week.

Reyna planted a Mexican flag on the roof of the building, saying he personally is not working on the construction of the Trump Hotel and Tower, but many Mexican-Canadians are and The Donald has insulted them.

“His comments were very hurtful,” Reyna said. “When you say all Mexicans are criminals – that includes my father, who is the person I admire most. He taught me to respect women and to work hard and be honest. And that includes my mother… my teachers, coworkers… everyone I ever loved and respected is given the same label.”

Reyna and a friend went up the 65 floors and hung the flag between two glass panels.

It has since been removed, but not before the incident went viral.

The action demonstrates the deep-seated dislike of Trump and his run to become the Republican nominee for president.

Couple it with The Donald’s rejection by Wisconsin voters in Tuesday’s primary and we may be seeing the first large cracks in Trump’s campaign, a Humpty Dumpty in the making.

And not a moment to soon – the bombastic blowhard is a no long just a buffoon, but a clear and present danger to America and the rest of the world.

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