Keystone Pipeline Is Shut Down After Massive Leak

The worst fears of environmentalists were realized on Thursday, when the Keystone pipeline in Marshall County, South Dakota, had to be shut down after leaking 210,000 gallons of crude oil.

CNN reports:

This is the largest Keystone oil spill to date in South Dakota, said Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

TransCanada doesn’t know what caused the leak. And so far, there have been no reports that the oil spill is threatening clean drinking water supplies. However, that could change.

According to KSFY:

An emergency response plan has been activated to get more staff and contractors to the site for clean up. Walsh anticipates the clean up will take some time.

This massive event is not the first time TransCanada has been at the center of a pipeline leak. According to KCBS San Francisco:

A leak and spill in southeastern South Dakota in April 2016 prompted a weeklong shutdown of the pipeline. TransCanada estimated that just under 17,000 gallons of oil spilled onto private land during that leak. Federal regulators said an “anomaly” on a weld on the pipeline was to blame.

The permitting decision, scheduled for next Monday, has to do with whether or not Keystone’s sister pipeline, Keystone XL, will be approved. The Obama Administration had blocked it, but Trump has reversed that decision.

Jane Kleeb, head of the Nebraska Democratic Party and a longtime activist opposed to Keystone XL told the Washington Post, “TransCanada cannot be trusted,” and should not get the permit approved.

The Washington Post report further added, “This disastrous spill from the first Keystone Pipeline makes clear why Keystone XL should never be built,” said Jared Margolis, senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “Trump’s issuance of a permit for Keystone XL is a farce that will only lead to more pollution for people and wildlife.”


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