Kentucky’s (R) Governor Gives $29 Million To Creationist Museum Ark Encounter (VIDEO)

Ken Hamm has a lot to be smiling about since Christian conservative Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky delivered him a windfall this week by carving out $18 million in tax breaks for the beleaguered creationist museum along with an $11 million allotment for a bigger road to enter the “amusement” park as reported:

The tax break initially was approved by the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority in 2014 under Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration, but it was later canceled after tourism officials learned that the theme park would hire only Christians. Bob Stewart, then secretary of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, said the U.S. Constitution prohibited the state from assisting a religious endeavor.

Ark Encounter officials sued the state in federal court, saying the state’s decision to withhold the tax break violated its free speech. In January, U.S. District Judge Greg Van Tatenhove ruled that the theme park was eligible to receive the tax incentive, which has neutral requirements that can be met by religious and secular groups alike. Gov. Matt Bevin said the state would not appeal the decision.

Answers in Genesis founder Ken Hamm hired a bunch of Amish craftsmen to make the ark replica but anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of shipbuilding would know at a glance that a 900-year-old man could not possibly lift timbers so large nor could such a ship possibly be sea worthy in a nautical storm such as the “great flood”. It is also impossible for such a ship to hold even half the volume of known beetle species much less enough food and provisions for two of every animal on the planet.

To truly appreciate the ridiculousness of the charlatan Ken Hamm, have a look at these two highlights from his debate with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

“When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else.” Mark Twain

I often hear from religious people that it is unfair to question or ridicule their beliefs as if there is something taboo about an adult conversation that challenges infantile notions rooted in religious superstitions. If such beliefs were rooted in sanity or truth then they would stand up in the face of truth or basic fact. The real question that I can never get a cognizant answer to is: How much longer must we coddle the juvenile idiocy contained in the book of fiction called Genesis as if it were true?

If the mass delusions of ignorant religious people are to be taught to enslave others into their way of thinking, why must the state pay for it? Why must the rest of us fund religious museums that teach things that most domesticated animals know aren’t true?

If you want the freedom to worship your imaginary friend in the sky then why must you steal precious resources from kids who might otherwise learn something useful like calculus? Would you have us believe that teaching the outright lies in the book of Genesis have helped mankind more than say Isaac Newton, Jonas Salk, Einstein, Galileo, or Darwin? Do you creationists think you’re entitled to taxpayer handouts so you can mend old religious chains to put on your children?

If you truly believe that there should be separate separation of church and state, then why can’t you keep your hands out of the states pocket? You have the right to intellectually cripple your children with your religious indoctrination, but it doesn’t mean that tax payers have to have a duty to fund your religious projects that make the entire state of Kentucky look like the ignorant Hicks that patronize that standing abortion you call the Ark Encounter!

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