Kennedy’s “Sucks To Be You” Attitude On Health Care For The Poor (Video)

Sometimes people just say how they really feel. Sometimes, when there is no script, we reveal our true selves. On Fox News’s #Outnumbered, host Kennedy did that in just one line. Her reaction when a single mom is confronted with “paying the mortgage vs. paying for medicine?” (see video below….)

“If she chooses to pay the mortgage, then you know, ‘sorry son, wish you were born with a better set of lungs.'”

Yes, you read that right. And to give full context, this was Kennedy’s reaction to an ad that described a single mom with a son who has asthma. At first, the host scoffed at the idea that anyone would actually have to choose. Then, after realizing that some might, in her next breath she showed us how she really feels with a “sucks to be you” attitude.

Check out Kennedy and company show their outright callousness below:

Kennedy also remarked that the left was “emotionalizing” this debate. Again, really? You are surprised people emotional about their loved ones suffering or dying for the sake of tax cuts for the wealthy and insurance company greed? Oh, by the way, #Outnumbered panel, some people do realize that Obamacare (ACA) isn’t failing so much as it has been sabotaged by Trump, The GOP and other right-wing interests.

Also in the segment, Trish Regan put her two cents into the happenings in the Senate surrounding their health care bill. Ignoring several facts such as the Democrats being refused any amendments in the process (In 2009, the Democrats allowed 100s of GOP amendments to be voted on, and adopted several) and not even allowing a single Democrat into the bill’s secret negotiating process (The Democrats begged Republicans to participate in 2009), Regan went on about how the Democrats “have taken themselves out of the equation.”

Sure they did — by being denied any participation or amendments in the process they did that — really? Or did the Democrats taken themselves out of the equation when they might be offended that everything is characterized as “repeal and replace” — a certain kick in the teeth to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. People always act gracious and kind when you are overtly trying to “erase” a President’s achievement and do it by taking coverage from up to 24 million people.

In any case, the leggy girls on Fox certainly showed more about where their hearts are in under 90 seconds today than they probably wanted to. Unfortunately for them, it was all caught on tape.

If you have trouble viewing the above clip, try here.



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