SNL: Kellyanne Conway Is Jake Tapper’s Fatal Attraction (Video)

Alec Baldwin hosted Saturday Night Live this week. That automatically set the bar high. SNL opened with a great Sean Spicer (starring Mellisa McCarthy) skit but the highlight of the show may have been Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon’s brilliant spoof of the classic thriller Fatal Attraction.

The short starts with Tapper finishing up his regular CNN show and a stagehand complimenting him for denying Kellyanne Conway an interview on his show. Tapper then heads home, but upon arriving discovers Conway waiting for him. She comes at him a la Glenn Close insisting she “is not gonna be ignored!” After Kellyanne tries every method of

After Kellyanne tries every method of persuasion from seductive to threatening, including threatening to do a commercial for Ivanka’s shoes and throwing a knife at Tapper’s head, she threatens to take her act to HuffPoLive … Tapper tells her that “no one watches that.” Conway tries to contact them but stops in a fit of rage when she realizes Tapper is right.  She finally starts to get to Tapper. He begins to offer her spots … On Farid Zakaria and Carol Costello, Kellyanne shuts that down screaming “do I look like Kaleigh McEnany to you? Then why are you trying to f*ck me like her? Finally, she gets to Tapper, but he calls her a monster.

Kellyanne replies, “no, I’m just Kellyanne Conway, and I always got my “Kellyanne “Con-Way” … she begins to say “on” but falls out the window. After splatting on the pavement, she “regenerates” like an alien or android in a sci-fi movie and goes on … unable to be killed.

Check out the hilarious clip which is an instant SNL classic below;

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Saturday Night Live can be seen on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 eastern time.

Correction: We misidentified Sharon Stone as the actress being parodied. It was Glenn Close. Welcome to the world of alternative facts.

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