Kellyanne Conway Melts Down On CNN Trying To Defend Donald Trump Jr. (Video)

When it comes to shameless spinners of information, Kellyanne Conway has few rivals. The Trump administration surrogate is simply a spin machine. Trying to pin her down on any issue, statement or point of fact is like trying to nail jello to a wall. This morning, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo found out just how difficult a task nailing jello to a wall is. He persisted over and over again, and she slithered and slipped around each proverbial nail. Conway’s combination of playing dumb like a cliche blonde and playing dumb like a mobster on the stand finally left her flailing and grasping for any “gotcha” distraction point she could throw out there. (See video below …)

The subject was the recent story that broke over the weekend about Donald Trump Jr. taking a meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. This meeting took place just as Trump was securing the GOP nomination and preparing to take on Clinton in the general election.

Cuomo refused to let Conway get away with her cheap shots and weak denials. Conway tried to damn CNN, Hillary Clinton, and anyone else she could use as a shiny object to avoid the facts at hand. At one point, Conway tried to say that because CNN covers the Russian investigation they must care more about Russia than they do America.

“Aren’t you the least bit reluctant if not embarrassed that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America?” Conway rhetorically asked but Cuomo snapped back, “This matters. You have Donald Jr., who went from saying “I never met with anyone from Russia …” — now he’s saying he met with someone to get (opposition) research on Hillary Clinton who was connected to the Kremlin … these questions matter.” Cuomo reminded Conway that he wasn’t taking anything out of context and just quoting Don Jr’s own words. 

Cuomo then went on to point out that Trump’s son either took a meeting “not knowing who he was meeting with” and then coincidentally took along the two most important people in the campaign in Paul Manafort (campaign manager) and Jared Kusner (Trump’s son in law and closest advisor) or knowingly went to a meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on the Clinton campaign. Either way one looks at it, it’s a problem for Trump Jr. — especially considering he has changed his story twice.

Conway tried and tried to defend the indefensible, but just got more nonsensical as they went on. After Conway tried to play the ‘you are just chopping quotes” card, Cuomo put the whole statements of Trump Jr on the screen.

She convoluted and tried to just throw mud around trying to squirm away — it wasn’t happening. She then tried to make it about James Comey as her train slid more and more off the rails. What was even more amazing about this spin was that after dropping her bomb, which was a story by an “unnamed source” Conway tried to insist that she or the administration have never criticized the media for using unnamed or anonymous sources in their reporting.

One has to hand it to Cuomo for his tenacity and ability to bring Conway back to the point and his original questions. When Conway had nothing left, she invoked Cuomo’s grandmother and said she would scold him for being so mean to her.  Turns out she was wrong about that and Cuomo corrected her and reminded Conway that it was his mother that she was friends with. That was how frazzled Conway was after running into someone who simply didn’t let her get away with her usual nonsense.

It might be impossible to nail jello to a wall. Chris Cuomo showed that if you keep putting nails through it though, it will break down to a gelatinous pile of mush — and that’s what Kellyanne Conway ended up looking like.

Check out the exchange below. We tried to include as much as we could at the same time realizing that some of our readers may have just eaten:



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