Megyn Kelly Blasts Katrina Pierson For ‘Trying To Have It Both Ways’ On Voter Fraud (VIDEO)

Katrina Pierson appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show and apparently brought a knife to a gun fight. She was clearly outmatched. Pierson went on the program trying to defend the indefensible. Of course, that never stopped her or other Trump surrogates before. This time, Pierson was caught trying to legitimize fake ‘voter fraud’ claims made by Trump where he said he actually did win the popular vote, except for the three million ‘illegal’ votes apparently cast by immigrants not eligible to vote.

Trump has not provided one shred of evidence to support his claim. He hasn’t provided any because there isn’t any. As we reported, Trump’s claims are based on an alt-right Twitter user named Gregg Phillips who simply made the claims out of thin air, and like Trump promised to show his facts — but never did. Fact checkers have found that every story repeating the claim eventually circles back to the two tweets made by Phillips as their ‘proof.’

Furthermore, Pierson attempted to paint the recount efforts in States where Trump narrowly won as ‘sinister’ and ‘suspect.’

Fortunately, aside from Kelly, Mo Elleithee, who runs the Georgetown School of Politics was there to point out the obvious prudence and conciliatory tone that the Clinton campaign has consistently maintained throughout this process.

“She conceded the election,” Elleithee said. “Her campaign has said, we don’t think we’re going to overturn, we don’t think this election will get overturned. They’ve said Donald Trump will be the president come January 20th. And they’ve said that they did their own due-diligence over the past few weeks amid reports that there might have been some interference, and they did not find any actionable evidence of any sort of widespread voter fraud. But if someone else is going to put forward this recount, they’re going to have lawyers in the room. They’d be stupid not to, frankly.”

The Georgetown professor and Fox contributor then brought up the obvious points that Trump wants to throw out these claims of voter fraud, much like but more amplified than many GOPers have done over the past years, but when someone actually takes a look at it, he cries foul.

Kelly suggested that Trump “can’t have it both ways” on this issue. She also said during the course of the segment that Trump needs to ‘stick to the facts’ vs going off on these tweet rumors and other unreliable sources.

Elleithee added that Trump won the election “fair and square,” but asked, “why is he the only one truly questioning the legitimacy of the election? Why is he saying millions of voters were illegal voters? That just does not make sense to me.”

“Because… 2016,” Kelly responded. “Donald Trump may be the first president in US history to question the legitimacy of the election he won,” Kelly noted.

“Absolutely not, Mr. Trump is not questioning the legitimacy of the election,” Pierson argued. “He’s questioning the popular vote.”

So, in other words, the part where Trump won was “totally legitimate” but the part where he lost is a “fraud.” This seems to be a reoccurring pattern from Trump’s mind, some would argue.

Pierson also tried to cite one woman (a Trump supporter, for the record) who got caught trying to commit an act of voter fraud in Iowa. Kelly fired back that one woman does not make “millions” after repeatedly pointing out the flimsiness of Trump and Pierson’s claims. She and Elleithee also shut down her other unfounded claims and hypocrisies repeatedly as the segment ended and Pierson grasped at straws.

Check out the segment below;


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