UPDATED: Keith Reveals How Trump Plans To Win The Next Debate (VIDEO)

Since his return, Keith Olbermann has certainly been a thorn in Donald Trump’s side. Few can break down the methods behind the madness the way Olbermann has in his new series of commentaries for GQ Magazine, The Closer. This is the 17th installment (see video below…) of the series, and like the previous 16, Keith is spot-on.

The way Keith sees it, Trump figures he just needs one more ‘dramatic, historic punch to the metaphorical gut’ to Hillary Clinton to finish her off. And from what we have seen from his surrogates and handlers in interviews, they apparently see the same scenario. What this ignores, of course, is that Trump is sinking in the polls after his unraveling not only in the last debate, where he severely underperformed despite having maybe the lowest bar ever set for a Presidential debate participant — but for five days after it where he single-handedly kept the Miss Universe controversy alive when others were ready to move along down the road.

This might be running east looking for a sunset as most outside their campaign bubble see that what Trump needs isn’t more red meat for his base, but simply showing he can be an adult in the room vs. the petulant child who lashes out at everyone that he has been up to this point.

Olbermann expects Trump to go lower than he has in the past (if one can imagine that) and offers Trump’s rant about Hillary having an affair (despite no evidence to support it) in Manheim, Pa. last Saturday as an example of how he might come at her. The line has become an applause line at his rallies and Keith suspects he could try it, or even go further with it on Sunday night.

Another line of attack might be his claim that Hillary Clinton is actually responsible for him paying no taxes for decades. Of course, anyone who is familiar with the Clinton record knows that she will be able to retort and refute that without much effort. Aside from Clinton not even being in the Senate for six years after Trump got his billion-dollar-freebie from Uncle Sam, Clinton will be able to point to a host of legislation she has sponsored, championed or voted for that show who’s side she is on. Things like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Things like amendments in the TARP act that she and others insisted on that made it illegal to use bailout funds for golden parachutes and similar things.

But wait, there’s more. Clinton not only tried to change the law that got Trump his billion dollar gift but actually did vote to change the law.

According to Business Insider;

This loophole was the subject of a 2001 Supreme Court case, Gitlitz v. Commissioner, in which the IRS argued the relevant tax law could not have possibly meant what it appeared to say, which was that business owners could in some cases deduct losses they had not actually borne.

After the IRS lost that case, the loophole was closed by the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002, a bill that then Sen. Hillary Clinton voted for and President George W. Bush signed.

This debate will probably be Trump’s last chance to convince voters he is fit for the Presidency. If he fails here, it will probably (in my opinion) mean another slide in the polls. By the time the 3rd debate hits on the 26th of October, it might be too late to recover.

Check out Keith’s predictions and analysis below;

UPDATE 10/8 /2016 — With the revelations about Trump’s leaked tape involving his comments about a woman that have been described as offensive and lewd (to put it mildly) and his video response last night where he referred to Bill Clinton’s past, Keith could be pretty darn on the money concerning Trump’s method of attack at the Sunday debate. (SC)

Then there is this … More of Trump’s words that are coming back to haunt him.



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