Olbermann Says Trump Is A ‘$hitty Businessman’ Who Has Already Wrecked Our Economic Future (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann wasted no time in today’s ‘Resistance’ report saying what he thinks of Donald Trump’s business savvy.

‘We have elected a $hitty businessman. Amid everything else from the psychosis to the orange bull in the nuclear china shop, we have elected a guy who doesn’t know the first thing about the U.S. economy.’

Olbermann then went on to read through a series of Trump tweets that proclaimed repeatedly that he would impose a 35 percent tax on any company that moved from the U.S. and then wanted to continue doing business in the U.S.

Olbermann was quick to make two important points;

  1. That isn’t at all what he did with the Carrier deal. In fact, Trump did quite the opposite — giving away millions of tax dollars in an effort to save less than half the jobs in the state. The total jobs saved is now estimated at 800, not 1000+ as originally projected.
  2. Trump’s pledge, according to Olbermann, is telling all companies in the country that according to Trump’s plan, that they should never expand their business here again. Te reason being if you create a job, then that job goes away, Trump can now destroy your business with his 35 percent tariff — at his whim. Any good risk manager would probably assess that simply not hiring anyone here is a much less dangerous path.

Keith then moved on to another Trump pledge to allow companies to freely move from State to State without any penalty.  This, of course, according to the host, will cause companies to be able to extort States, or even more local jurisdictions and demand more and more tax breaks and incentives in order not to move. This would create a race to the bottom like we have never seen before when Trump takes office.

Olbermann makes some great points. Under Trump’s plan, companies have not only zero incentives to hire anyone, they have incentives not to. Plus, Trump has shown the entire business world just how easy they will give in to tax breaks and other incentives if any of them threaten to leave either the country, their current State or town. Like Keith says, ‘Trump may have not only brought the economy to a halt, he may have put it in reverse.’

Check out Olbermann’s fiery editorial below;


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com

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