Keith Olbermann’s Triumphant Return Is All About Taking Down Trump’s ’15 Month Assault On Democracy’ (VIDEO)

Fans of Keith Olbermann have been waiting a long time for the newsman to return to television. Some speculated last fall that a return to MSNBC was imminent. That never quite panned out. Since then, outside of a couple of guest appearances on other people’s shows, fans have been relegated to waiting for clever tweets from Olbermann. And as clever as Keith can be, 140 characters is really too brief for a guy like him to flourish. Keith is more of the ‘long form’ type.

Things just got better for Olbermann and his fans.

While it isn’t television, the former MSNBC anchor now will be seen regularly on video doing what he does best — monologues. He has signed on with GQ to do a series of regular commentaries that will be featured on their website, Youtube, and other video outlets. Some might see this as better than TV, especially younger folk who are drifting more to video on demand service vs traditional television viewing.

The series has been dubbed ‘The Closer‘ and in his debut episode, Keith wastes zero time hitting Donald Trump hard. Other outlets have pointed out Trump’s ‘indiscretions’ and offensive comments in short sound byte-ish bits — Not Keith. He presents the motherload of lists. Not 10 or 20 — or 50 or even 100. Olbermann’s list is 176.

Keith even realizes this might be a bit long, but as the viewer soon realizes — is necessary. Somebody had to just lay every bit of evidence out there, and Keith did. In classic Keith fashion. He was indeed back in his ‘old form.’  Keith began by explaining that calling all this out was necessary  and that Trump had waged a ’15 month assault on Democracy.’ He went further;

‘Every few generations we Americans are called upon to defend our country,’ Olbermann started. ‘To defend it not so much from foreign dictators or war or terrorism, but from those here who have no commitment to progress or Democracy or representative government, no commitment to anything except their own out-of-control minds and the bottomless pits of their egos.’

‘We have always thrown them out and now our generation has its own,’ he continued. ‘The most dangerous individual ever nominated by a major party for the highest office in this country.’

Of course, Olbermann peppered the list with some great colorful language and commentary. he called Trump an Oompa Loompa and a ‘demonic messiah’ among other things.

On the closing of the commentary, Keith went ‘all-in.’

‘The Republican Party has actually nominated for president an irresponsible, unrealistic, naive, petulant, childish, vindictive, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, fascistic, authoritarian, insensitive, erratic, disturbed, irrational, inhuman individual named Donald John Trump.’

He then asked if anyone had any questions. After watching the clip below, you probably won’t have any either.

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