The American People Want To Know: Is Trump ‘An Idiot Or A Traitor?’ (Video)

Keith Olbermann wants to know if Trump is an idiot or a traitor.

It was a bad day for Donald Trump. Sally Yates, the woman he sought to silence after firing her as acting Attorney General finally testified in front of the Senate. Trump claims he fired Yates because she wouldn’t defend his Muslim ban in court. A ban that appellate courts across the U.S have deemed unconstitutional. However, Yates’ termination came shortly after informing Donald Trump that his National Security Adviser was susceptible to Russian Kompromat. Now Keith Olbermann of GQ Magazine wants to know: is Trump just an idiot or is this something more nefarious?

“We wanted to tell the White House as quickly as possible. To state the obvious: You don’t want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians.” — Sally Yates 

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Sally Yates was to testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee in late March. However, Trump’s sock puppet Devin Nunes blocked the testimony. It would also appear that similar efforts were underway to attempt to foil this Senate testimony as well. According to Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition, sources say that the Trump administration was contacting GOP Senators urging them to block Yates from testifying even on the day of the testimony:

So, this is when you have to ask yourself: would you fire the person that told you that your National Security Adviser was compromised by the Kremlin? Would you keep that discredited adviser around after you found out that he was compromised, allowing them access to some of our nation’s most sensitive secrets? Or would you fire the adviser in question and keep the person that delivered the information to you on as Attorney General?

The answer to Keith Olbermann’s question seems glaringly obvious by the decisions made in the Trump administration. Check out his epic rant below and let us know what you think in the comments:

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