Keith Olbermann Trolling A Fox News Anchor Is A Beautiful Moment In Internet History (Video)

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann has never been one to sit idly by while the nation goes to hell in an Ivanka Trump brand handbag. Olbermann made his return to the political arena to deliver scathing rebukes of one of the most hated men in modern American history. Keith took up his rapier-like wit and a shield emblazoned with the GQ Magazine coat of arms to strike deep into the heart of anti-intellectualism that seems so prevalent in the modern-day right. His longtime nemesis in this epic struggle: Fox News and the hate-filled minions they employ.

This isn’t the first time Keith Olbermann has entered into intellectual combat with the horribly ill-prepared cohorts at Fox News. Most of us can still remember how he savaged Lou Dobbs on his “Worst Persons” segment when Keith was a wrecking ball on MSNBC. Check out the best of Keith trolling Lou Dobbs below:

But it isn’t Lou Dobbs that is taking the heat this time around. No, this time it’s a Fox News host that is seemingly half drunk whenever they take to the airwaves. This particular host has made some pretty bold statements in the past about who we should vote for as the American electorate. Before I spill the beans on just who it is, check out Keith Olbermann’s perfect troll below:

Yes, the seemingly half-drunk individual is none other than Jeanine Pirro. We should forego calling her judge since the only bench she warms is behind a desk in a Fox studio. Pirro is nothing more than a reality T.V show failure whose Judge Judy clone was pulled after airing for just 2 episodes.

It would seem the only thing Pirro has ever gotten right was that we cannot be taken seriously as a nation with somebody in the Oval Office that is under investigation.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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