Keith Takes The Gloves Off And Brutalizes Trump For Possible Treason (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann isn’t the only one who has noticed that Donald Trump really seems to have some ‘thing’ for Russia. First, his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was shown to have extensive ties to the pro-Russian influences in the Ukraine. Manafort resigned after that revelation. Over the summer, it became known, through investigative journalism, not Trump’s tax returns, which he refuses to release, that Trump himself has some big ties to financial interests in the Kremlin — basically a big load of debt. Some questioned if that could be a major conflict of interest if elected President. That goes without even mentioning Trump’s strange ‘bromance’ with the Russian dictator.

Then there is surrogate Boris Epshteyn. he has his share of ‘Russian ties‘ as we have reported recently.

To top it all off, there is a guy named Carter Page. Page has reportedly met with the head of Russian intelligence about the ‘US Presidential vote’ according to Olbermann. The campaign has been vehemently trying to distance themselves from him since the reporting, originally from Yahoo News. Yahoo is also reporting that Page also spoke with someone in Russia about the lifting of sanctions if Trump became President. Yes, in case you are wondering, that is highly illegal. No one is quite sure what exactly Page’s jo has been with the campaign as they have given four different explanations of his ‘job’ when asked on four different occasions.

Keith Olbermann has had enough (see video below…). In his monologue today, he demands the Trump campaign offer some explanation for not only these actions but why Page was the 2nd person Trump named among his ‘foreign policy experts’ that he was surrounding himself with.

Certainly, more journalists should be asking the same questions. Trump has time and again, along with his cronies, been shown to have both ties and a weird affection for Vladamir Putin and the Kremlin. The American people certainly deserve to know what exactly is going on. He needs to explain and the tax returns need to be released. It might be nothing. It might be a conflict of interest — the kind all ‘big time’ politicians bump into. Or it might be illegal. It might be treasonous. Whatever it may be, the American people deserve to know what exactly Carter page was doing in Russia while employed by the campaign and how deep all these ‘Russian ties’ run.

Specifically, Olbermann wants these questions answered …

  1. Do you believe that our elections are sacrosanct and must not under any circumstances be interfered with by any foreign government?
  2. Do you already have a deal in place with a country to reward a country that may have hacked into your political opponent this election?
  3. Are you loyal to the concept of democracy?
  4.  Are you loyal to  the United States of America?

Check out Keith’s blistering commentary below;


Featured image via screenshot from . That is also where you can find Keith’s new video series ‘The Closer’ for GQ Magazine. 




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