Katrina Pierson Calls For Trump To Go Authoritarian On Russia Investigations And “Shut Em Down!” (Video)

With Kellyanne Conway showing up on cable news shows again these days, it is easy to forget that she might not be the most shameless Trump surrogate. Katrina Pierson served on Trump’s campaign and transition and can rival anyone when it comes to shameless and blind loyalty. She now works for a group formed exclusively to promote Trump and his policies called “America First Policies.” Apparently, part of her new job is to go on Fox News and act like a regular panelist while parroting the sentiments of the White House. (See video below …)

Pierson appeared on Fox’s “Fox News Specialists.” Before the show ended, they gave Pierson the floor to announce her “call to action.” That “action” is for Trump supporters to flood any Congressional member who sits on any relevant committee and demand they shut down the Russia investigation. Furthermore, she is putting out the idea that Trump should have Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to order a close to the investigation. Why? Because they are Republicans and have a majority (thus controlling all the committee chairs) and simply can.

“It’s very clear that Russia is a hoax. President Obama himself, prior to the election said, that it’s impossible to rig the United States elections. there are too many people, it’s too decentralized, etc, etc — and I believe him. And he did nothing when Russia was “attempting to hack.” The call to action is for those Republican voters in the districts where those committee people sit. The President needs to call his new buddies, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and say “the investigation is over!” Because Republicans are holding these meetings and it needs to end.” 

Check out Katrina Pierson and her nonsensical reasoning below:

Let’s unpack this deceiving company line, shall we?

She starts with “Russia being a hoax.” No, it isn’t. There are three investigations happening and all are going from the very real premise that Russia did indeed do many things (not just hacking, or attempted hacking) including spreading propaganda, especially online and possibly working with Americans to help their cause along. It is that last point where investigators are still unsure. And where no “hard damning proof” has been announced, we have at least seen plenty of verified “smoke.” So of course, investigators need to see if there is any fire with that smoke. That is not a hoax.

Pierson then goes on to twist President Obama’s words and then just lie. She says “even Obama”, says that our system is “too big to rig” to paraphrase. But the key word here that she used is “rig.” No one has claimed that the election was entirely “rigged” in any way. The investigators are looking at possible collusion or cooperation (witting or unwitting). From there, she plays the “if there was collusion, Obama did nothing” card. A statement that has been proven to be false by fact checkers.

From there, Pierson calls on Republican voters to pressure their representatives who sit on relevant committees. That is actually all well and good. But then she says that Trump should then “lower the hammer” and force Ryan and McConnell to force a close to the investigations. This is nothing but suggesting that authoritarian unilateral actions must be taken. Not based on the facts, just based on having a majority. Pierson apparently doesn’t believe in “co-equal” branches of government either as she thinks the President should essentially order Congress to close the investigation.

One can only speculate why this panicked call to authoritarianism is happening from one of Trump’s employees. Again, it obviously isn’t based on any of the nonsense that Pierson offered about hoaxes and Obama. So, what could it be, then?


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