We Might Need To Start Calling Joy Reid The ‘Trump Surrogate Slayer’ (VIDEO)

A couple of weeks ago, host of MSNBC’s AM Joy, Joy Reid was featured in an ANX article where she literally OWNED former Virginia Governor and Donald Trump surrogate, Jim Gilmore. Reid corrected him no less than three times in one short segment. It wasn’t the first time Reid was on the factual offensive when interviewing surrogates for the GOP nominee’s campaign. And as we saw in this week’s Saturday morning installment of the show, it wasn’t the last. (see video below …)

This time on the chopping block was Boris Epshteyn, a senior adviser to the campaign. Epshteyn was on with Malcolm Nance, a respected expert on matters of intelligence and especially in matters of intelligence briefings considering he has actually given many of them in his career.

It was clear from the get-go that Reid wasn’t going to put up with any nonsense from the Trump spokesperson. After Epshteyn tried to dodge Reid’s first question with a cliche deflection with talking points about Hillary Clinton, Reid stopped him before he could get his campaign ad out and made some things clear;

‘Hold on a second. no no no, you hold on (as Epshteyn attempted to talk over her)’ 

‘I’m going to answer the question’ Epshteyn barked.

‘You didn’t answer it.’ Reid snapped back. ‘Hold on Boris — Boris, we’re not going to crosstalk …  One of us is going to talk at a time … When it’s AM Boris, you can talk whenever you want.’ 

Reid had taken back control but wasn’t finished and offered Epshteyn a syllogism. She explained it wasn’t a perfect one in the philosophical sense, but she thought it was appropriate at least in the broad strokes;

‘If I ask you a question about Donald Trump and you give me an answer about Hillary Clinton, I think for the people who are watching this show to come to the conclusion that A) you don’t know the answer to my question. — B) The answer to my question wouldn’t help your candidate — or C) You are just here to give talking points. ‘

Reid attempted to ask her question again. The question pertained to Trump talking about his classified briefing in terms that Clinton and others have called ‘reckless and irresponsible.’ First, before Joy interrupted him, Boris tried to talk about Clinton — on the second go-round, he simply denies that Trump said anything.

But Trump did as the roll back of the tape (see video below …) showed. Furthermore, the briefing in 2008 that Epsshteyn refers to was not an intelligence briefing. It was a policy briefing given by the Bush DoD. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and refrigerators.

‘There’s a difference between a security briefing done by the intel community, and an Iraq policy briefing by Bush’s DoD,’ press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted. ‘Members of Congress routinely exit policy briefings held by admin officials & express general dissatisfaction w/policy choices being made.’

But wait, there’s more.

Reid then tore into the Trump adviser about how after various revelations about Trump’s debts with people inside of countries like Russia (and China) he would then go on Russian State-sponsored television. Epshteyn tried to deflect once again, he wasn’t successful as Nance stepped in and explained exactly who RT TV is;

‘Russia Today is a state funded, state organized, state propaganda arm which an extension of the old Soviet television system.’  Nance later added ‘When you go on that channel, you are talking for the Russians.’

Of course, Trump’s adviser probably didn’t want to talk much about this as he has his own extensive ties to Russia. According to the Daily News Bin;

Not too long before joining the Trump campaign, Boris was a panel moderator at a conference called “Invest in Moscow” which largely consisted of officials from Russia. This kind of guilt by association doesn’t demonstrate anything in and of itself, even though it is enlightening at a time when Trump’s campaign Chair (and recently fired campaign manager) Paul Manafort has been accused by the New York Times of having taken millions of dollars in illegal secret cash payments from the Kremlin. But the optics get worse for Boris.

The “Invest in Moscow” conference created such a mess that New York City had to revoke its sponsorship of the event. Around that same time, Boris appeared in a video in which he offered the Russian government tips on how it could win over more American money.

Check out the surrogate slaying below;


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com



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