Joy Reid Makes Trump Defender Admit She Doesn’t Know What Policies Trump Is For (Video)

The past 36 hours have been filled with the news about Donald Trump’s vulgar tweet about MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. Where it has been said many times that “this might be the thing” that takes Trump down, the groundswell around this story “feels different.” No, it probably won’t solely take Trump down, but it seems to be doing more damage than maybe any of Trump’s vulgarities in the past. For one thing, a clear pattern seems to be emerging — actually more than one. The first pattern is that Trump seems to almost exclusively insult women on their physical appearance. The second being that it is increasingly clear that this 71-year-old man will never change. he will not get more “Presidential.” He won’t even get above the maturity of a middle-schooler, some believe.

In the clip below, substitute host Steve Kornacki spoke about how Trump “breaks the rules of politics” constantly … and what an increasing problem that is becoming, in so many words. Joy Reid expanded:

“It’s interesting to watch all of these Republicans treating this 71-year-old man like a 12-year-old who got into a fight in school — And a parent That’s  refusing to admit their kid was in the wrong. They are dancing around the core issue of whether what he said is beneath the dignity of the office. And even those who admit it that it was. The Republican’s who came out with “furrowed brows” saying “I  can’t believe that a President of the United States would speak this way!”  Well, Donald Trump has been speaking this way for 30 something years.” Reid went on to give examples including when he spoke crudely about his own daughter to Howard Stern on National radio. Reid said that their posture was “completely ungenuine — they just want him to be quiet so they can get back to taking away their healthcare.” 

Noelle Nikpour, a GOP strategist was then put in the awkward position of “doing her job” and defending Trump. She tried to defend him in the sense that people should feel sorry for people like her (Republicans) because they have to defend Trump. An argument that Randy Marsh made on the infamous South Park N*gg*r guy episode. Kornacki pressed her and asked her point blank — is he going to change or not, as Reid contended. The strategist conceded she didn’t know if he ever could.

Kornacki asked her if he even “cared” about the GOP or any agenda. Again, she couldn’t give any definitive answers. Nikpour went on to express her frustration over how thin-skinned and reactionary the President is.

Reid stepped in … she pointed out that the GOP is acting like they are surprised that Donald Trump is being Donald Trump.

“Everybody told ya’ll that he is fundamentally unfit to be President, and surprise! HE IS!” 

Nikpour tried to pivot to some generic talk about how we need to “stick to the issues” and Reid stepped in again — “What issues?” She pressed — “what do you think his beliefs are?”

“You know, it’s hard to tell — it’s hard to tell sometimes.” The GOP strategist admitted. She then tried to go to the “why can’t we all just come together?” lines that more and more Republicans seem to be adopting.

And Democrats have been willing to work with Republicans, except not when “repeal” language is on the table.

There’s actually more jabs that Reid throws and the ridiculous answers from a Trump defending GOPer that is becoming more and more common as the truth becomes clear. It isn’t the “liberal media” or any of that nonsense. It is that a con man found his way to the White House.

See the full segment below:


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