Joy Reid Just Lowered The Boom On Trump: What Do You Call This Kind Of Person?

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Joy Reid just asked some pretty damning questions on her Twitter account, Sunday, and Trump isn’t going to like this at all.

She began by asking what you call someone who, “Calls Mexicans rapists” and “Pardons a disgraced sheriff who ran what he himself called ‘concentration camps’?” The entire thread is an indictment of the disgusting behavior that has been coming from this administration since even before Trump’s inauguration:

Reid’s listing took up several tweets, and each item listed would be considered “unpresidential” on it’s own. Together they are the reason that so many of us avoid the news, can’t sleep well, and are constantly terrified. This country is being led by a man defined by this listing, she followed the first tweet with these. What do you call a man that does all this:

  • – Mass deports Latino men, women, grandparents & students
  • – Seeks to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.
  • – Promotes a sadist sheriff’s book
  • – Made his national political reputation as a “birther”
  • – Hangs out with conspiracy theorists
  • – Brings science deniers & loons into gov’t
  • – And who cuddles white nationalists, including hiring them for his administration, to include an actual medal-sporting Nazi?

All of the above are undeniably true, they are accurate, and they are disgusting. All of these actions define Trump, they are his legacy. But when it comes to nailing down the problem, Joy Reid is second to none. Even all of the above can be spun, it can be called “pandering to his base.” It could be called ignorance, it could be called keeping your enemies close. But then, she hits us with this:

“Trump shows more passion standing up for white nationalist goons in Charlottesville and monuments to the racist, slaveholding confederacy than he has for storm victims in Texas (a state he won, so given his ego, you’d think he’d care.) What do you call a person like that?”

The question goes farther than, “what do you call him?” Because all of that has failed to drive his most devoted from him. Many have distanced themselves, his base is eroding, but far too many Americans find what he has been doing and saying to be acceptable.

The closer, the moment in which all of this is brought into the sunlight, is the last tweet of the thread. Because, it isn’t that we know that this “president” chooses to surround himself with racists and white supremacists. It isn’t just that he chose to pardon a racist for doing racist things. It is what all of this behavior means in our already fractured nation.

Joy Reid called out for our help in naming this, because whatever it is it is destroying our ability to function as a nation, indivisible:

Help me out here. Because I hear a lot of calls to “unify” the country, but I can promise you we can’t unify around that.

“We can’t unify around that.” Profound, true, and astute words following such a long list of undeniable actions by the “POTUS” we have found ourselves under.

It is time to fight, let Congress know, their jobs rely on removing this man, this threat to our Republic, to our democracy, and to our very Constitution. 


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