Joy Reid Just Dismantled Another Big Trump Lie On “American Carnage” In Seconds (Video)

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It seems each new day brings us new alternative facts. Or in this case, an alternative fact Trump used during the campaign but no one really paid attention to. Although it was fact-checked. By then, however, everyone was obsessed with Hillary’s emails and the FBI investigation announcement by James Comey.  Trump, in turn, repeated the campaign lie today — perhaps figuring that since no one cared then, no one will now. Unfortunately for the President, Joy Reid was paying attention. What was the lie? Trump made the claim in campaign rallies, and again today, that the murder rate in America is “the highest it has been in 45- 47 years.”

Reid points out that Trump’s assertion is nowhere even close to being accurate. The highest murder rate we have had was in 1980, at around 10.2 per 100,000 persons, says the MSNBC host. By contrast, in 2014, it was 4.5. That is literally less than half what it was in 1980.

That lie took Reid about 20 seconds to dismantle. Reid then spent the rest of the segment showing how Trump creates a false narrative and as former GOP Congressman David Jolly (R-Fl,) said; “the purveyor of fake news sits in the oval office.” He went on to explain that Trump is preying on the fears and insecurities of the American people in ways that no one ever has. Not only is he preying on fear, he is trying to delegitimize institutions like the media and the judiciary — and only he can save us. Straight out of the “authoritarian playbook,”

Liberal pundit Sam Seder joined in but with some disheartening news. When Reid asked how long all this misinformation can last and how long would people believe it? Seder replied explaining that “between 20-25 percent of Americans” are right wing authoritarians. In other words, they actually believe in right wing authoritarianism. To those folks, virtually no facts will ever turn them. The key, said Seder, is to “never let them get power in the first place.” he added “we sort of failed that first test.”

Reid emphatically agreed.

Check out the myth busting and more facts in the great clip below;

Featured image via the video above. 

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