John Oliver Hilariously Takes Down Anthony “I’m Not Gonna $uck My Own C**k” Scaramucci In Four Minutes (VIDEO)

NOTE: With Scaramucci’s firing, it might make John Oliver’s bit even better. Apparently, they can keep going lower and lower.  (original story and video below …)


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. America, just six months ago, was still holding on to our “shining city on a hill” title. Since then, we have become a nation that most of our allies don’t trust anymore and our adversaries are laughing at. Surely, we couldn’t go any lower.

Well, not so fast. Six months ago all we had to deal with was a president who can’t stop tweeting. A cabinet made up of billionaires, some of which have interests contrary to the department they are running. We had Sean Spicer flailing around trying to defend the indefensible and Kellyanne Conway making Spicer look honest, by comparison.  things couldn’t get worse or more surreal, right?

Wrong. Enter Anthony Scaramucci.

He hasn’t even been officially sworn in, yet “the Mooch” has taken things down to a level no one thought possible. In just one week, Scaramucci has threatened to fire every single White House staffer (which would effectively shut down the government), got Reince Priebus to resign by calling him names, and got Sarah Huckabee Sanders a makeover then publically mocked her looks.

Surely, we couldn’t go any lower, right?


The man tapped as “White House Communications Director” apparently showed he has no clue in dealing with a reporter. Nor does he seem to understand the concept that when being interviewed, everything one says is “on the record” unless it is specifically expressed that something is “off the record.” More specifically, The Mooch claimed he wasn’t like Steve Bannon who is trying to “suck his own c**k” according to Scaramucci.

Of course, after that comment, maybe the only thing more unbelievable was the reactions to his comments on the news. Reporters struggling with the “expletives” and people like Bob Schieffer struggling with questions around the physical possibilities of such an endeavor. Something, as Oliver points out, was nothing decades of journalistic experience even came close to preparing him for.

Oliver’s rant is about four minutes and change, and it would be an injustice to spoil any of his gags and humorous ways to make some great points. You just have to check it out below and enjoy:

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