Joe Scarborough: Steve Bannon Is An ‘Idiot’ (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough is no fan of Trump advisor Steven Bannon and made it clear on Monday’s Morning Joe that the White House would be a better place without him in it. Coming from Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from a red state like Florida, that means a lot.

In dissecting the GOP’s abysmal failure to repeal or replace Obamacare, Scarborough pointed to Bannon’s influence on Trump’s White House as a major cause of the administration’s problems.

In addition to calling Bannon a “hack” and “stupid,” Scarborough called for him to “go back to running a website,” because he’s demonstrated that he’s completely incapable of running much else. Scarborough highlighted the tweet of Morning Joe guest John Podhoretz to emphasize his point.

According to Scarborough, Bannon’s strong-arm tactics and political inexperience is toxic to Republican legislative success, adding, “The stupidity of Steve Bannon knows no ends.”

Watch Scarborough tear Bannon to shreds in less than two minutes.

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