Joe Scarborough Admits GOP Economic Policy Was A Lie (VIDEO)

On March 8, 2016, Joe Scarborough, the former Republican Congressman from Florida and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe lamented the growing divide in the Republican Party, citing the empty promise of that cruel, sick joke known as “trickle-down” economics.

“The problem with the Republican Party over the past 30 years is they haven’t — and I’ll say, we haven’t — developed a message that appeals to the working class Americans economically in a way that Donald Trump’s does. We talk about cutting capital gains taxes that the 10,000 people that in the crowd cheering for Donald Trump, they are never going to get a capital gains cut because it doesn’t apply.

“We talk about getting rid of the death tax. The death tax is not going to impact the 10,000 people in the crowd for Donald Trump. We talk about how great free trade deals are. Those free trade deals never trickle down to those 10,000 people in Donald Trump’s rallies… Those people in Trump’s crowds, those are all the ones that lost the jobs when they get moved to Mexico and elsewhere…. The Republican donor class are the ones that got rich off of it because their capital moved overseas and they made higher profits”

Indeed it is strange that Joe Scarborough would speak like this now. During his time in Congress from 1995 to 2001, he supported such supply-side economic policies as privatizing, localizing, or consolidating the Departments of Commerce, Energy and Housing and Urban Development and altogether eliminating the Department of Education. In fact, it is that latter agenda upon which Joe Scarborough predicated his bid for Congress in the first place! LATE PASS, PLEASE!

Then again, perhaps the only reason Joe Scarborough ever aligned himself with the unprincipled bastards who promoted “trickle-down” economics is because Ronald Reagan, with the help of that vulgar, hypocritical religious fanatic Jerry Falwell, co-opted his Baptist faith. Of course, that is not by any means a valid excuse, and Joe Scarborough should have known better.

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