Joe Kennedy III Says Trumpcare Is “A Tax Cut Wrapped Up As Health Care” (Video)

Like Kennedys before him, especially his great-uncle Ted Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy III, grandson of the late great Bobby Kennedy, has made quality and affordable healthcare a cornerstone of what he is fighting for in the U.S. House of Representatives. Kennedy would ask people to look at Massachusetts if they need hard evidence of the viability of the Affordable Care Act and progressive policies in general;

“If you look at Massachusetts, we’ve actually done really well under the Affordable Care Act. And look, Massecucetts was actually the state that actually led the framework for this. We have a 3.4 percent unemployment rate and a 2.8 percent uninsured rate. We were just named the best state in the country to live in. The idea that this is a job killer or can’t work is just false. What Massachusetts also has and has had for a while is a bi-partisan commitment to actually make this law work — not, as Dana explained, trying to sabotage it from day one — then watch it fail and celebrating as it fails.” 

Kennedy also acknowledged the law had challenges but insisted that the nation should have what Massachusetts has — actual bi-partisanship.

When asked if any Democrats would vote for the GOP health care legislation, Kennedy instantly answered a firm “no.” He called it “a tax cut wrapped up in health care.” he was referring to the bill slashing taxes for the wealthiest Americans. 

The “Dana” Kennedy referred to was the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank who recently wrote an article detailing the GOP’s intentional sabotage of Obamacare / ACA. Milbank reiterated his view and evidence that the Republicans have shamelessly sabotaged the ACA since coming into power saying it was strongly evidenced by three things;

  1. The canceling of ACA registration ads in the critical last weeks of the enrollment period.
  2. Signing an executive order that essentially said they wouldn’t enforce the mandate.
  3. Constantly hammering the “repeal” message.

He also cited Marco Rubio’s role in introducing “poison pill” legislation to derail the policy.

In his Post article, Milbank backed his views in more detail;

But they aren’t “letting” Obamacare fail; they’re causing it. As I wrote six months ago, Obamacare extended coverage to more than 20 million, and it works well for most. Slightly more than 2 million people, mostly in rural areas, don’t have competitive plans to choose from and are seeing huge premium increases. Congress could have fixed that by giving insurers incentives to participate in those markets. Instead, Republican lawmakers refused to help insurers and then crowed when insurers complained.

Last month, Aetna chief executive Mark Bertolini said Obamacare was in a “death spiral” — and Trump gleefully tweeted about it. But the CBO, in its report Monday, said the exchanges would remain “stable in most areas” if the current law were left intact, because subsidies and the individual mandate would sustain demand.

More and more people seem to be opening their eyes to the fact that the GOP “Trumpcare” plan is not only a bad plan, but far from what Trump, the candidate, advertised. Even a new Fox News Poll finds that only around 34 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s handling of this important issue so far in his Presidency. Out of that, only 17 percent “strongly approved” while a majority disapproved and 40 percent “strongly disapproved” of President Trump’s handling of health care.

For more, check out this great interview with Kennedy and Milbank below;


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