The Presidential Speech We All Hope For, But Don’t Expect, From Trump In Phoenix

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Did you miss Joe Kennedy III speech on the nation he grew up in, and his hope for the nation our children will grow up in? A lot of people did, apparently, so many that Now This felt that putting that same speech out several days later would be worth doing. Kennedy is eloquent, truthful, and compassionate, all things that are missing from our current administration.

The reason is apparent nearly as soon as you begin watching it: This is the speech — the call for unity, and acknowledgment of a nation in pain — that the country turned to Trump to get after the tragedy in Charlottesville but was left sorely disappointed. This is the speech that Republicans are encouraging Trump to give Tuesday when he holds yet another “campaign” rally in his first year in office, but that no one who is paying attention expects to hear.

Joe Kennedy III opens by saying, “I am 36-years-old. I have never known a country where men and women could be bought and sold. Where newspapers ran ads saying ‘no Irish need apply'” Every word of this is designed to bring people together, to project hope for a future of which we can be proud.

As Kennedy begins to sum up his short speech, the words reflect the hopes of a people seeking unity:

“And as we fight for that tomorrow – for our tomorrow – we also speak with one voice to any community today, living in fear that we, here and now, we stand with you. That our country is strong because of its diversity. Because of you. You are not weak. You are not wrong. You are seen and you are heard. You count. This is your country. This is your home, America belongs to you too.”

It seems apparent that this is the kind of presidential address that this nation needed to hear, but didn’t. So, tomorrow, when Trump stands in Phoenix, we can hope that this is the template that he uses to speak from. It’s a nearly empty hope, going by Trump’s track record on “presidential” addresses.

However, we have Joe Kennedy III’s speech here, set to moving music, that we can play for our children instead:

Here is the original video from Joe Kennedy III’s Facebook page:


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