“Jew SA!” Another Reminder Of Racism Supporting Trump (VIDEO)

Jew SA

We could probably tally up the number of bigots supporting Trump that we have reported on here at American News X. It would just take forever. It seems every time we get to work there is another Trump crony making the news for blatant racism, antisemitism, gay bashing, or wanting to bear arms against their fellow countrymen.

This is yet another case of antisemitic behavior that seems rife within the Trump crowd. At a Saturday Trump rally, a man verbally attacked members of the media calling them “the enemy” and accusing reporters of being part of the establishment. Then, when the crowd began to chant “USA”, the man thought it a good decision to strike up a chant of his own chanting “Jew SA” at the top of his lungs. He followed the chants by making hand gestures commonly associated with world war 2 Germany and the Holocaust.

The denial effect

“Everything was perfectly healthy and normal here in Denial Land.”
Jim Butcher, Cold Days

Many Trump supporters, when confronted with their bigotry, immediately deny that anything they said or did is in any way bigoted.

The problem here is that, by denying a problem, we cannot find the solution. We don’t even begin to look. This is very evident in the All Lives Matter movement.

The movement itself is based in denial. Denial that African Americans do not have equal opportunity, denial that they are treated differently by police, denial that, from birth, Caucasians have a significant advantage over people of other races here in the U.S.

This blatant denial only leads to a strengthening of resolve to continue on as things are. There can be no change when the ignorant choose to continue to be so.

Does this man even realize what he did? Does he realize that with the movement of his hand and the vile words from his mouth that he, in essence, just spit on six million graves?

“If you say the words, you can fix the problem.” That is a quote from Donald Trump in the third presidential debate. He was speaking about Islamic terrorism. These words have continually come back to haunt him and this is just another instance of how. If you cannot admit your bigotry, then you will always be a bigot.

Take a look at this loony bin screaming “Jew SA” in the video.


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com

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