Jane Fonda, Veterans Team Up To Protect Standing Rock Protestors

"We must rapidly cure ourselves of this disease or it will take us all down." Jane Fonda

Standing Rock Encampment: Water is Life. Protect the Missouri River!
Standing Rock Encampment: Water is Life. Protect the Missouri River!

Jane Fonda and 2,000-3000 vets are Standing for Standing Rock.  Typically, CNN is under-reporting “hundreds of vets.

Fonda, who spent Thanksgiving with the encampment, said in Time Magazine:

“I came away with the belief that what is happening at Standing Rock is an existential confrontation between two opposing world views. One is represented by the Indigenous Water Protectors and their allies who believe our future depends on respecting the land and water on which human life depends. The people on the front lines are very brave. They stand, carrying their banners, chanting, and praying with arms reaching toward the sky. They are unarmed as they face the Morton County Police. They have all been trained in non-violent civil disobedience. No weapons of any kind. And no drugs or alcohol are allowed in the camps.”

As KGW, the Portland NBC affiliate reported, the vets want to give a break to protesters who have engaged in the standoff for months. The veterans also want to call attention to the violent treatment that law enforcement has waged on the protesters, according to Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.

“We want to offer them a moment of peace and, if we can, take a little bit of pressure off,” said Ashleigh Jennifer Parker, a Coast Guard veteran and spokeswoman for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.

“Two-thousand veterans have signed up and the Oceti Sakowin protesters’ campsite cannot hold more veterans than that, but about 1,000 more have said they plan to come,” Parker said.  The veterans plan to set up on Dec. 4 and will stay at least through Dec. 7, she said. She later added that some would remain indefinitely at Standing Rock.

“The North Dakota governor issued an evacuation order, but protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline do not intend to leave the area. In fact, nearly 2,000 veterans will be joining them in the coming days,” says The New York Times.

As Fonda pointed out in Time, DAPL pipeline, which would endanger the drinking water of millions of people by drilling under the Missouri River, would cross Standing Rock ancestral lands in violation of their treaty rights, among other things.  Sunoco Logistics Partners LP, the proposed operator of the pipeline, spills crude more often than any of its competitors with more than 200 leaks since 2010, according to a Reuters analysis of government data.

Organized by Michael A. Wood Jr. and Wesley Clark Jr., a screenwriter, activist and son of Wesley K. Clark, the retired Army general and onetime supreme allied commander in Europe for NATO, plan to stand as human shields between the heavily armed and armored police “protecting” the DAPL pipeline by a increasingly violent actions against the encampment.  See my article, “Pipeline Executives Serve Standing Rock Protesters A Crop Dusting For Thanksgiving,” on American News X.

Freezing temperatures going into the winter holidays means using fire hoses on protesters could well lead to hospitalization or death for people exercising their First Amendment rights.  For Saturday, December 3rd, the high temp is 31 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 19; Thursday December 8 is predicted to have a high of 8 degrees with a low of 5 below.

Vogue Magazine has compiled a list of ways you can donate/help the encampment at Standing Rock, “Here’s How to Help Standing Rock.”

The veterans are asking that donations be made through Square Cash at https://cash.me/$VeteranStand.

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