Liberal Activists Thwart Right-Wing Plot To Frame Inaugural Protesters

james o'keefe group caught bribing activists
James O'Keefe's group caught in counter sting trying to bribe liberals to incite riots.

Conservative political operative James O’Keefe — founder of Project Veritas, a dubious organization known for discredited video “sting operations” against liberal organizations — is about to get a taste of his own medicine. O’Keefe’s latest plan, which entails attempts to bribe progressive activists to disrupt the upcoming Presidential inauguration in an effort to broadly paint the left as unruly and violent, has been derailed by a clever counter-sting.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is rooted in the same festering pot as Breitbart News and is connected through Steve Bannon and the Trump Foundation to Donald Trump himself. The connection to the White House lends what could be seen as a sinister tone to these videos.

The counter-stingers, Undercurrent and Americans Take Action, exposed James O’Keefe and Project Veritas through a ‘teaser’ posted on Youtube. The video shows co-conspirator Allison Maass as she tries to manipulate a liberal group into accepting bribes for acts of violence and disruption. Maass has previously been caught trying to infiltrate three liberal campaigns; those of Russ Feingold, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton.

Here is the original “teaser” video:

The Young Turks (TYT) has exclusive information on this story that shows the “stinger” getting stung:

This article has all of the most updated and expanded information available at the time of the writing, including this update on The Huffington Post:

UPDATE: A longer video of the interaction between Project Veritas operative Allison Maass and Ryan Clayton of Americans Take Action was posted online Tuesday. In it, Clayton confirms with Maass that her goal is indeed to incite a riot at the inauguration. “What you’re asking for, let’s bullet point it,” Clayton says, referring to the donor Maass claims to be representing. “He says, I’ll give you $100,000 to shut down a bridge, incite a riot and make sure we hack the media narrative on the inauguration.”

Here is that longer video:

What seems clear, as pointed out in the video above, is the intent to dangle money for the incitement of violence, and use the footage to discredit and smear liberals. You can hear her leading him to say things, clearly pushing for certain types of comments. However, the damning thing in this video is when she is confronted, because she appears to know that she has been involved in shady, illegal activities, and refuses to answer questions without a lawyer.

Suddenly, older videos “exposing” the left as being the those pushing violence during the election all come into question. This is how Project Veritas operates, and how James O’Keefe works to pull the wool over the eyes of right-wing while giving Trump effective, though false, propaganda to use against the left.

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