Jake Tapper Fires Back At Trump In Interview With Seth Meyers (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday evening. 

Tapper and Meyers discussed many issues including Tapper’s first neighborhood newspaper. Inevitably, of course, the subject of recent allegations made by Trump of CNN being ‘fake news’ came up.

The allegations from Trump came on the heels of CNN reporting of the existence of an unverified document containing information which states that the Kremlin has compromising information on The Donald. Shortly after CNN’s report, BuzzFeed ran an article publishing the actual document and all of its juicy details for the whole world to see.

Since then CNN has been under heavy fire from Trump and BuzzFeed has been labeled a steaming pile of garbage by the President-Elect.

Ben Smith of BuzzFeed justified his organization’s release of the documents in an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd stating  “you have to have a really strong argument to suppress a document, suppress information.”

Jake Tapper talks Trump’s relationship with the media and more on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Again while CNN reported on the existence of the document that both the President and President-Elect had been briefed on, BuzzFeed was the one that actually published the contents of the dossier. A difference Tapper strove to make clear in his interview with Seth Meyers.

As Jake Tapper explained he “didn’t know if the information was real” but they obviously “wanted him to know about it, that it was out there, because they thought it potentially affected national security.”

Tapper went on to give Meyers credit for his interview with Kellyanne Conway where he confronted her over the allegations in the dossier and got her to comment on the issue.

“You explained it great, you had all the details perfectly right. I wish I could say the same about everyone else who followed us in our reporting, but you were exactly on target,” Jake Tapper told Meyers making a veiled jab at Trump’s inability to comprehend spoken words above a 3rd-grade level.

Tapper goes on to explain that Trump’s accusations of CNN being “fake news” is simply a distraction from the story at hand.

“If you’re with an organization that’s not CNN and you watch them just destroy us or try to destroy us, just because they don’t like the story, which, is again, proven to be completely true, then you’re next,” Tapper stated ominously.

Watch Tapper give Trump and the rest of the media a piece of his mind in the interview below.



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