Ivanka Trump Booed And Hissed For Claiming Daddy Is A “Champion For Families” (Video)

Ivanka Trump went over to Germany this week to take part in a forum that in large part is about the promoting the ideas around further advancement for women in the workplace. She sat in on a panel with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. There she began touting her father’s alleged great support of families and women in the workplace. Of course, the German audience began to boo and hiss the First Daughter. The panel’s host asked her for clarification on her words. Ivanka offered some platitudes — ones that a little fact checking can show their inaccuracies relatively easy.

First, check out the clip from the Women’s forum:

How has Ivanka’s daddy been such a “champion” for women and families? Let us look at some facts. According to CBS News, some women didn’t feel as “empowered” as Ivanka would have us think:

One professional woman from New Jersey who worked there from 2012 through 2014 did not want to be named out of fear of retribution, told CBS News, “I felt attractive women got ahead at the Trump Organization, but lesser [SIC] conventionally attractive women did not, regardless of their talents.”

Another woman who worked for Trump as an assistant in the late 1990’s said overall her experience was positive.  But while she said his comments during the campaign about Mexicans and Muslims has surprised her, the 2005 “Access Hollywood” video with its lewd conversation between Trump and Billy Bush did not. 

She also said Trump would regularly call in female employees to his office and ask them for their opinion about the three women he was dating at the time, one of whom was Melania, asking, “Which one do you think is the most attractive?

Another article from Mother Jones shows that at least in the one public venture that we can clearly see into, his casinos, there weren’t exactly a lot of female executives working there, despite Trump’s claims. That is unless you count his second wife and daughter, who were employed by the casinos for a time. Did Trump “champion” his wife being a high-level executive? Well, not exactly. In his book “The Art Of The Comeback, Trump says that he regretted hiring her there because “all she wanted to do was talk about work.”

Trump has given some lip service to some “paid leave” plans but critics point out that even that lip service is limited to mothers who give birth. Nothing for fathers and nothing for parents who adopt a baby. Furthermore, his plan proposes that the payment is made out of unemployment funds, which only pay about half of a person’s earnings. So, better off folks who don’t live paycheck to paycheck can benefit but odds are a poorer woman wouldn’t be able to afford the time off.

Ivanka’s perspective seems to be gotten through being “daddy’s girl” and not through the eyes of a typical working woman. Of course, many daughters love and respect their father and there is nothing wrong with that. It does begin to be a problem when daddy’s girl is promoting half-baked ideas that aren’t even close to passing through a GOP-controlled legislature as some sort of proof of an actual commitment to the advancement of women. Ivanka’s rose colored glasses view of her father was met with the ridicule it deserved in Germany. Something that may have shocked his daughter, but is no surprise to the rest of us.


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