Ivanka Gets the Boot from Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus

Ivanka had a very bad day. She’s been given the boot by two retailers, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. It took a lot of public pressure and 230,000 Tweets from followers of the #GrabYourWallet hashtag to make it happen. While some people are protesting against the Trump’s bigotry and hatred by protesting and rallying in the streets, others are fighting by boycotting their businesses. The United States’ economy is based on retail; fully 65 percent of our economy is based on consumerism, the highest percentage in the world. Many women have been vocal about the boycott online on #GrabYourWallet Twitter page.

#GrabYourWallet is a movement founded by Shannon Coulter in October, 2016, that provided a downloadable spread sheet of dozens of businesses stocking Trump-branded merchandise. There is also an app now that helps you track who is in and who is out on the list. Coulter, who bills herself as a “technology and media marketing specialist” created #GrabYourWallet, a hashtag that is a play on Ivanka’s father’s language in the “grab them by the pussy” audio tape. Since Coulter created #GrabYourWallet she has garnered over 50,000 followers and 3.5 million impressions on Twitter.

It’s estimated that interest in Ivanka’s brand has fallen 54 percent since the boycott began.

Other companies that have dropped her line include: Shoes.com, Bellacor, Wayfair, Zulily, RueLaLa and Stein Mart. Macy’s dropped Donald Trump’s line of menswear in 2015 after he said many Mexican were rapists or criminals. Kawasaki USA also threatened to cut ties with “The New Celebrity Apprentice” unless Trump cut ties with the show. He is still an executive producer and gets income from the show.

There is a lot of discussion online and elsewhere about how and if boycotts actually work. Old timers say “no.” But they are being proved wrong.

Since Trump was elected president, aligning yourself in any way with him or his family is getting very tricky. Just ask the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, who announced yesterday that he would no longer serve on Trump’s business advisory council. He cited as the reasoning that his employees felt betrayed because a lot of them are immigrants and a lot of them said they were suffering “social stigma” from being associated with Trump. But it also could have been the #deleteUber hashtag the weekend of the Muslim ban, when 200,000 people deleted their accounts after it came to light that Kalanick was a supporter of Trump, and how he undermined the cabbies in NYC after offering lower rates for rides when they went on a lockdown to support the protesters at JFK. Whatever the reason, it worked. Lyft’s app exploded in response ending up in the top 10 apps being downloaded. Now the #deleteUber hashtag is being used by cab drivers in Pittsburgh to fight for better wages.

L.L. Bean is another major company on the #GrabYourWallet list. A family member on the board at L.L. Bean (Linda Bean) gave a large campaign contribution to Trump and praised him online. He Tweeted a big “thank you” and all hell broke lose. Even though the company tried to distance itself from the controversy, #GrabYourWallet held firm. The list also includes Amazon, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Hudson Bay, DSW Shoes, Saks Off Fifth, Dillard’s and TJ Maxx and over 50 other companies. To see the full list click here: #GrabYourWallet

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