Republicans Prove Reading Is Difficult During Iran Cash Controversy

Iran Cash

By: Deric Lostutter


The Obama administration arranged for $400 million to be flown to Iran in Swiss Francs, Euros, and many other foreign currencies as part of a $1.7 billion dollar settlement over a failed arms deal in the 1970’s that was agreed upon in an international tribunal at the Hague. Coincidentally, on the same day, Iran released 4 American prisoners as agreed upon in the Iran Nuclear Deal then released an additional 5th prisoner shortly thereafter.

Two separate matters has Republicans and hill-jacks putting on their tin foil and screaming that we are ‘negotiating’ with a country that hates the United States, when Iran has proven to be most cooperative with our foreign policies, and released prisoners, that, well, they simply didn’t have to release barring the Nuclear Deal struck by the Obama Administration in April of 2015. You can blame the mainstream media’s overuse of the word “secretly” for that. Who would announce that $400 Million was just hanging out on a tarmac anyway?

You would think that the conservative conspiracy theorists would be grateful that the Obama administration successfully secured the release of American prisoners while simultaneously reducing Iran’s Uranium (that is the key component of nuclear weapons for the reading impaired out there) by 98%, thus averting any sort of unnecessary intervention by allied forces saving trillions of dollars we have already thrown into Iraq and Afghanistan’s “liberation”.

So, in closing, no, we did not negotiate with terrorists, we simply gave the country the money that was rightfully theirs. If Donald Trump paid his bills like the Obama administration, maybe his famed ‘Taj Mahal’ wouldn’t be closing after labor day, which still has yet to pay a nice old man for his famed pianos he sold them.

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