Internet Destroys Sarah Palin For Using White Supremacist Slogan To Praise Trump

Emerging from her full-time job of grifting and botching phrases,  Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was justifiably destroyed on Twitter after kissing Trump’s a$$ with a phrase associated with the Neo-Nazi movement.

Trump Gives Speech to the People of Poland, Says 14 Words That Leave Americans Stunned,” Palin wrote, with a link to a story about the president’s recent address in Warsaw. The article itself makes no mention of 14 words used by Trump.

Luckily, a bunch of Twitter users discovered that “14 Words” is actually a phrase frequently used by neo-Nazis. And they chide us for calling him Orange Hitler?

One Twitter user went so far as to actually spell it all out.

And one user said what we’ve all been thinking since McCain unleashed the Kraken from Alaska onto the world.

Sarah Palin was largely a media fabrication that I still refuse to acknowledge exists. Much like Trump, her complete and utter lack of any insight or knowledge of civics and history–combined with a mountain of narcissism–is why our country can be seen by some as a bio-hazard level 3 Idiocracy with fascist overtones. She lacks any self-awareness and has as much place weighing in on the issues of the day as a throw rug does. Sadly, she’ll be back to make stupid great again real soon.

Featured image via Wonkette