Papadopoulos Indictment Reveals Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath Multiple Times

According to the guilty plea from George Papadopoulos, he brought up the possibility of a Trump/Putin meeting in March of last year at the meeting of the “volunteer” national security team to then-candidate Trump. Former terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka has appeared multiple times on Fox News since Papadopoulos’ guilty plea was revealed on Monday along with the indictment of Paul Manafort calling him, “a coffee boy.”

Nothing cures a sudden onset of selective amnesia like a bunch of federal indictments coming down. These particular indictments are quite embarrassing for Trump who repeatedly suggested that he knew nothing about Russia and that it was some 400-pound guy laying in a bed that hacked the DNC. The Attorney General has repeatedly been caught amending his testimony during his confirmation hearing in which he flatly stated that he knew nothing about Russia, didn’t meet with any Russians and had not heard anything about anything to do with Russia during the campaign.

That is a bald-faced lie.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Oct. 18, Sen. Lindsey Graham asked Sessions: “Did you ever overhear a conversation between you and anybody on the campaign who talked about meeting with the Russians?”

Sessions replied, “I have not seen anything that would indicate collusion with Russians to impact the campaign.”

Here’s a brief refresher of an exchange between Sessions and Senator Al Franken.

Senator Al Franken was having no more of Sessions’ selective amnesia and wrote him a letter accusing him of failing “to tell the truth about your interactions with Russian operatives during the campaign.”

Franken added, “This is another example in an alarming pattern in which you, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, apparently failed to tell the truth, under oath, about the Trump team’s contacts with agents of Russia—a hostile foreign power that interfered in the 2016 election.”

Sessions has yet to respond to Franken’s letter but one thing is sure, he is going to have to revise his answers, yet again, which will no doubt, not impress Robert Mueller one bit. Sessions has tried to dance the Washington two-step around his deceptive testimony, but this is another matter entirely since Sarah Huckabee Sanders said there was only one meeting that George Papadopoulos attended with both Sessions and Trump in which he has already admitted in his allocution that he brought up a potential Trump/Putin meeting.

The fact that Trump has apparently lied repeatedly about knowing Russia interfered with our election is prima facia evidence of conspiracy against the United States for both Sessions and Trump. What is evident after the unsealing of Monday’s pleadings and indictments is that Mueller and his team already have enough to indict Kushner, Sessions, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump himself on conspiracy charges.


Carter Page testified to the house intelligence committee that he told Sessions that he was going on a trip to Moscow. Perhaps Sessions thought he mean Moscow Alabama?

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