Ignoring Indictments, Paul Ryan Stays Focused On Punishing The Poor

paul ryan ignores indictments focuses on punishing poor.

The first blow to the Trump empire came on Monday, when special prosecutor Robert Mueller indicted former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and assistant Rick Gates for conspiracy, money laundering, and lying to the FBI. But none of that matters to the Wisconsin darling of the GOP, House speaker Paul Ryan. As far as he’s concerned, punishing the poor for the benefit of the rich is all that matters.

According to Vox:

This should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Ryan’s history as a fanatical Ayn Rand acolyte. Despite years’ worth of credulous press coverage, Ryan is a guy who states openly that he’s dreamed since his youth of depriving poor children of medical coverage.

Trump has made little effort to hide the unprecedented impropriety of his administration, and has made none whatsoever to hide his temper tantrums on Twitter, which include bullying and insulting members of his own party. With that in mind, watching House Speaker Paul Ryan spinelessly ignore all of it, clarifies Republicans’ real reasons for wanting to sole control of Washington.

Failed efforts to repeal Obamacare have not stopped Ryan from finding a way to strip the poor of their healthcare. In the Republican budget passed by the House last week, Medicare and Medicaid took a huge hit.

It seems that Trump was right about one thing. He probably could ‘shoot someone‘ and get away with it.

As far as the Trump-Ryan agenda goes, the targets appear to be the poor and working class Americans who fell for their Great Lie. As Mother Jones notes, Trump’s budget fulfills Ryan’s dream that not coincidentally, ‘screws everyone but the filthy rich.’

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