Idaho Republican Gets Booed At Town Hall After Saying Healthcare ‘Not A Right’ (VIDEO)

idaho republican booed
idaho republican booed

When it comes to their aims to undo Obamacare and kick millions to the curb, Republicans are finally getting a taste of their own costly and poisonous medicine. Thousands of concerned and justifiably irate citizens are doing to them what tea baggers did to Democrats during the Obamacare town halls, only they’re not getting paid, they actually understand how health care works and can spell.

Idaho Republican Congressman Raul Labrador became the latest Republican representative to feel the heat from a constituency he so sickeningly ignores and apparently wishes to die. The boo birds came out in full force when Rep. Labrador said that having access to healthcare is “not a human right.”

“I just don’t think it’s a right to have healthcare,” Labrador said Wednesday in response to a question about healthcare reform and increasing costs, according to The Associated Press.

People reportedly gathered outside of the town hall hours before it started and shouted for the congressman to “do your job,” as opposed to the job of the millionaire cronies that have him in their back pocket.

Despite that Americans really, really don’t love the very not so good things in “TrumpDon’tCare” but do love Obamacare,  the totally oblivious fake president seems to think that healthcare will get done as Congress returns from its 2-week recess. Never mind that Congress has a major government spending bill to pass before they can work on healthcare because the man baby-in-chief wants a win after his First Hundred Days.

Watch An Idaho Crowd Boo The Republican Rep Below:

Featured image via YouTube

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