Exposing “I Don’t See Race” For The Nonsense It Is (Video)

For years now, the good folks at Cracked.com have put out some of the best political commentaries around. Their “College Humor” pieces are no exception. In their latest effort, they take on the often used cliche of “I don’t see race” that some use to try to come off as “less racist” than everyone else in the room. On the surface, it sounds nice and sincere, but as they show (see video below …) it is merely an illusion of the real truth.

The scene opens with four friends talking about the last Oscar awards and how great the diversity was — for a change. One friend chimes in that they didn’t notice as they “don’t see race” and that must make them the least racist person in the room.

The other three press but the “I don’t see race” non-racist is determined to prove that they treat everyone as equals. First, she plays like she doesn’t see gender. Even if the woman is pregnant, cause it just might be a guy with a “watermelon” belly. Then it’s age as she claims she can’t tell the difference between an old woman and a baby girl. Is Bruce Willis bald? Because she can’t see it. Everyone is equal, there are no differences — she sees none of it, or at least that’s the claim.

We all know the type. The same type that insists on politically correct language and safe spaces on college campuses where free speech used to reign supreme. The very self-righteous things that they think make them look superior and “more evolved” than everyone else, in reality, drive more people to vote for people like Donald Trump,

Seeing race, gender, age or even a disability isn’t racism, ageism, sexism or any kind of “ism.” Acknowledging a difference isn’t wrong, it is acknowledging reality. It is not inherently disparaging or in any way racist.

In the end, our crusading non-race seeing and “holier than thou” friend is forced to admit it is all a sham to make themselves look and feel superior. And really, that is all it is. Racism isn’t a word, especially without context. Racism isn’t seeing a difference between different people. In fact, the way one treats us all as equals is to celebrate those differences. It is to accept those differences. It is those differences that have made this country great and surely each of our lives more enriched and better. Acting as if we are above any of those frays do not bring us together, it drives us apart and makes us collectively less than we can be.

With some great comedy and snark throughout, enjoy the full “I don’t see race” clip below and remember that it is our differences that make us all stronger together:

Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com

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