The House Just Voted To Sell Your Internet History


House Republicans have just followed the Senate in voting to allow internet service providers (ISP) to sell your internet history to online advertisers. The ramifications of this gutting of FCC privacy laws will expose your online life, which you once thought private, to third parties you may not even be aware of.

So what, they know my browsing history on the internet.
Who cares?

Your internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast, or Time-Warner had been under regulations preventing them from selling your private information to anyone. And this matters a lot since your ISP knows a lot more about you than you might be aware of.

They know what websites you visit, when you are home, what your private sexual leanings might be, and maybe even your social security number and credit card information. If you have typed it into Google or a browser tab or filled out a form online and hit enter on an unsecured website, they know about it. And as soon as the President signs the bill into law, they will be able to sell that information to the highest bidder.

This information is worth about $30 per household per month and jumps to $60 per household per month if you get your internet service through a cable company bundle according to The Register. And with over 100 million households in the U.S online, this means Congress is just waiting on the President to give internet service providers a $35 billion to $70 billion dollar payday. It’s a great time to be Big Cable.

As The Register reports:

“…ISPs have always been able to do this, however with this congressional vote, they don’t have to fear the FTC landing them with a multi-million-dollar fine. They don’t have to disclose to anyone that they are doing this. And they don’t have to fret that the hands-on FCC will come after them either. It is a free-for-all with potentially billions of dollars there for the taking.”

So for all the “little guys” out there that thought Trump and Republicans would have your back and represent your interests over that of big business, you’ve been duped.

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